Perfect Skin Day Protector


The perfect day creme for acne prone skin. The product does not clog and does not grease your skin, but is quickly absorbed and leaves your skin well-groomed – just as you get repairing, nourishing and nutritious ingredients. And naturally you get sunscreen in this day creme, so you skin is protected agains the sun – and outbreaks from the sun.

Contains SPF15 and UVA / UVB protection.*

4.7 out of 5

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Perfect Skin Day Protector is your daily moisturizer, to be used every morning - and throughout the entire day.

Dispense a bit of product in the palm of your hands, and apply it evenly to your face.

Perfect Skin Day Protector is so gentle on your skin, that it also can be used as your eye cream - so don’t be scared to apply the product in the eye area. And use Perfect Skin Day Protector on your ears and neck as well, so that these parts of your body also get the great care and treatment your face gets.

For optimal results, Perfect Skin Day Protector should be used on dry, clean skin. Use Perfect Skin Face Wash to cleanse your skin before applying Perfect Skin Day Protector.

With Perfect Skin Day Protector you can forget about boosters and serums. You get everything in one with Perfect Skin Day Protector – and a REALLY great products for acne prone skin.

Voila! Your morning skin care routine can’t get easier!

Just 2 products. Perfect Skin Face Wash to cleanse your skin, and then Perfect Skin Day Protector to treat, care for and protect your skin throughout the day.

Of course! Perfect Skin Day Protector is your day cream, so naturally it contains SPF to keep you protected from the sun’s harmful rays 365 days a year. Sunscreen is especially important when you have acne – the sun irritates your skin and causes more outbreaks.

Your get SPF15 protection with Perfect Skin Day Protector.
Perfect Skin Protector shields against both UVA and UVB rays, so you don’t have to worry about applying a sunscreen, getting burned or red, and you can enjoy the sun and the warmth instead.

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