Nail problems

Healthy Living with a new diet and healthy oils improved dramatically problems with yellow, ugly, dry and thickened nails

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Question: “Nail problems”

Hi Mads,

What have you done exactly to get your nails to look good again? For many years, I’ve had the same challenge and especially my thumb nails look a lot like yours from the picture. It’s not nail fungus – I’ve been tested.

I look forward to hearing your answer.


Answer to: “Nail problems”

Dear Søren

Thank you so much for your letter. I look forward to helping you.

I am sorry to hear about your nail problems – I know how that feels all too well.

After many years, where my nails looked terrible, I started a treatment with my cosmetologist, where she gave me nail treatments once a week. The treatment started with me bathing my nails in water/oil mixed with Dead Sea salt (if it turned out to be psoriasis), and then my nails were cut, filed and pampered. Eventually, the look of them changed for the better.

The big change came, when I completely converted my diet to a healthier one. I removed a lot of unhealthy foods and added healthy oils to my diet, for example in the form of nuts and seed and also linseed oil.

Lastly, I carried a little bottle of cuticle oil with me everywhere, which I put on my cuticles and nails several times a day. That made the nails look better visually – they were simply saturated and therefore they did not look dried out.
If you would be interested, I would be happy to mix my own cuticle oil and send some to you.

I hope my answer will help you with your problem and I wish you success in your life.

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