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Super and quite amazing ....

It works, no bullshit sublime skin care

Sam Silkevej



Thank you Mads finally I got my beautiful skin back :D

I have had many small blackhead and now I have used your products since it entered the door for 1-2 weeks ago. There no irritation. Merry Christmas Mads. Thanks for the gift ;)




Efficient products

Very efficient products! I could see their positive effect on my skin in just 14 days.

Heidi Fosselius



Good service and great products

Good service, fast delivery and great products. I placed the order on a Monday and received them on Wednesday. I have tried the products before, and when I want to try something different, I always end up coming back to these products. My skin has never looked healthier and prettier.

Pernille Simonsen



Fast delivery and super products

I received my goods the day after ordering.
I am very impressed with the commercials do not lie – this time .. products actually works :-)





Great products, super service, delivered right to your door. Everyone in the family uses it, even the boys – father and son – probably because it comes from a young guy who knows what he is talking about ;-)




Fast delivery and effective product

No problems with delivery!
I have for years struggled with acne and spots. After just a few weeks with Danish Skin Care's products, the problems are pretty much gone.




Easy, convenient and fast

What you see is what you get!
No frills with the packaging of Danish Skin Care products, just a good, clean product that brings the natural beauty ahead.
I'm not a movie star or model, but my skin is nourished and feels soft - and all natural!




Great product

The product (Smooth Skin Daily Exfoliator) was delivered the day after I ordered it. This product works! I have had no breakouts since I began using the product, and at the same time, the product has reduced the red marks.

Satisfied customer



Absolutely incredible!

Usually I am skeptical when reading about how products can get your skin under control. Without sounding like various skin care manufacturers that promise you the moon, these products ARE really amazing!

Helle Bundgaard Larsen



Finally a product for treating rosacea

I suffer from rosacea and for about a week now, I have used Mads Timmermand’s products.
It looks like it’s subsiding.
Hope it will continue.




Fantastic product

Normally, I never write reviews of anything, but this product deserves nothing short of praise. I chose to buy the exfoliator and the lip balm.

The exfoliator has worked wonders for my skin, I have had acne, since I was 12. It has tormented me that I haven’t been able to find a product that helped even just a little bit. I have chosen to eat healthier, I’ve stayed away from gluten, and after that I started using the exfoliator every other night.

I have gone from having break outs on my chin, forehead and gigantic pores and blackheads, to having no break outs and smaller pores for about 2 months. But there is little to say about the lip balm. Nothing special about it and you really don’t get much for your money. I could hardly find it in the box, it’s that small. But other than that, I will recommend the exfoliator to anyone who battling with acne or greasy skin.

Sabrine Benmoumou



Easy to order and quick delivery

Will clearly recommend DanishSkinCare. Ordered my product and received it a few days later. In all, a quick and problem-free deal.

Marie Luise



Quick delivery and you almost want to taste the product

Have bought the product for the second time and have just smelled the exfoliator, it smells like bubble gum...
But other than that, I like the new design...of the bottle...but it really Doesn’t match the rest of the kit, but look forward to smearing the smell of bubble gum on my face :-) and btw, it’s time for a new speaking in Copenhagen very soon

Rene Petersen



Unique service

Bad experiences with other e-shops and Christmas just around the corner made me a little nervous, so 2 days after I placed my order I contacted Danish skincare to make sure that everything was ok. Immediately, they checked up on my order, the package arrived that very day and they next day I received an email. They just wanted to check, if I had received my package. Unique service!

Thank you.




Good products that work

Great and quick service. Although there have been some problems with GLS.




Everything is great when you shop with Danish Skin Care

Both the products, the webshop and the service you receive when shopping with DanishSkinCare is just great. I’m very happy and will definitely shop with Danish Skin Care in the future!




Fantastic service and great products.

Love the skincare line :-)
And their service is fantastic. Highly recommended!




Great product, great service...

...also when there are problems.
The products are delicious and they work. I have had some problems with packaging and leaking. But already the next morning, there was a positive response in my mailbox. Even though they didn’t know about the problem, they more than covered my expenses I lost because of the leak. Really good service!
And also, it was a very quick delivery of the products.

Anna Liv



100 % satisfaction!!

For almost 3 months, I have used the products from Danish Skin Care, and I’m just so happy and satisfied! After only 1 week I experienced a significant change on my skin, it weren’t as greasy as before and more radiant and clean.

And also, the employees have been really nice and helpful in answering all my questions, both when I was buying the products for the first time, but also when I’ve more general questions of how to use the products and with their help I really feel that I’ve bought what’s just right!
I highly recommend it and it’s worth every penny.




Fantastic service!

I have great expectations even if I am a little dry from exfoliating.

Maria Nissen




Perfect delivery they called when I wasn’t home and left the package with my Neighbor




Quick delivery

Have used the products for a couple of months. Unfortunately, my acne has not gotten better, but my skin’s not greasy anymore and the big breakouts go away quicker.

Maria Puk



Great products – works, sort of

I’ve bought cleansing gel and exfoliator and think that they are both really great products.

I can feel that my skin has become smoother from the exfoliator and almost all my whiteheads are gone after 1 week. But I still walk around with 2-3 spots on each of my cheeks. Don’t know if it’s because my crème is for greasy skin which I really had when I bought the product. But now I have more dry skin from using it. The crème is from Murad.




Dry from the products

Unfortunately, I think that my skin becomes more dry from using the products. The Cleansing Gel is good and leaves my skin fresh and clean, but the exfoliator is not mild enough for my skin and my skin is peeling and is very dry, even if I only use it every other day. The moisturizer is fine, but it is not moisturizing enough to correct the dry skin I get from the exfoliator. So unfortunately I am not completely satisfied and don’t think the products are as mild as they are described to be.

But good delivery, received the products the day after I had ordered them.

Trine Christensen



Quick delivery

Danish Skin Care has very quick delivery. How the products work is un-determined, as I have only just received them.




Quick delivery and really great products!

Have used the products for 2 weeks now. Can see a big change! My skin is a lot more soft and my acne is a whole lot better! Saying thanks a lot to Mads, so far I’m very satisfied!




Quick delivery, but no result yet

Nina Bech



Delicious crème line and delicious Service!!!

Really amazing concept and really quick delivery. Thank you so much! :-)




Quick delivery

Fantastic products and quick delivery. I’m very satisfied!

Mette Jensen



Super – with a little reservation

Super service and quick delivery. I have normal/combined skin with a tendency towards acne. Have now been using the products for roughly 14 days and after the first couple of days, I could see a visible reduction of spots. And also, my skin felt nice and soft. This has now changed, because my skin feels dry and slightly irritated, in spite that I only use the Exfoliator at night.

Giving it a couple of weeks more to see, how it develops. Hope it is just a transition period.




Super service

I was treated very good when one of my products leaked and ended up in my suitcase – without discussion I received a new one.




Good products

I think these are really good products.




Problem-free delivery

Since I was in doubt of which products to choose, I sent an email, that I received a response to the very next day. It helped me a lot in choosing products. Delivery time was very short.




Evaluation of the kit for normal skin is very good

I had read about the products online and wanted skincare without perfume and such. I tend to have acne, but chose the crème for normal skin and as always my skin needed to adjust, but now I’m really satisfied. I still have a little acne and a few spots, so considering to choose the crème for greasy skin next time.
All in all great products.




Nothing to complain about!

Super quick delivery! The package was left at the assigned place – it was really clever – nothing to complain about! I received an odd sized package, but as a good service I also received chocolate! Mmm! Am completely satisfied with the delivery!




Simplified, mild and effective skincare line

I’m really happy with the products. They are effective, easy to use and keeps any acne (spots) in check! Also, they come in practical packaging which is easy to store in your bathroom cabinet or your toiletries bag when travelling! You receive great input continuously via newsletters with good videos on how to take better care of your skin, and last but not least the great service when you write or call the company. And, you get express delivery and a follow-up from the company when you have ordered.

Karen Leth



Really good

I have only had it for 1 week and already I can see a difference almost all my whiteheads are gone

Eva Laursen



Vital and tightening skin

Since this summer, I’ve used your products and before that I used execuviance, but I must say that I really like yours. Tried for short time going back to the old crème again, but you can clearly see a difference in both the vitality and the tightening.

I’m 44 years old and eat healthily, probably like Paleolithic diet. And still I can feel and see nice difference.

Thank you for you and your knowledge.

Mette april wassinger



Slow delivery

I had to wait over 1 week for my delivery. Good contact with customer service.




God service

Quick delivery

Søren Nissen
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