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Dermarollers and Danish Skin Care

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Question: “Dermarollers and Danish Skin Care”

Hey Mads

Thank you so much for all the great information on your website – it is super cool that you take the time to help and advise people in need of guidance! :-D

I have a question about the Danish Skin Care products.

Can you use Danish Skin Care products in combination with a dermaroller?

I also need a serum or a similar product, that I can apply after my dermaroller treatment, but what product should i use? 

Yours sincerely

Answer to: “Dermarollers and Danish Skin Care”

Hi Nikoline

Of cause you can use our products – no problem there.

However, I would strongly recommend you not to use a dermaroller, as it will do far more damage to your skin – than it will do good.

Moreover, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that dermarollers give the promised results – on the contrary.

However, Danish Skin Care products will definitely help save and repair your skin if you choose to use a dermaroller. So if you want to use a dermaroll then use the Danish Skin Care products at the same time, this should minimize the damage the dermaroller will do to your skin. A dermarollers is actually torturing your skin, so please dont use them! :-D

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So if I were you, I would stay far, far away from dermarollers and instead spend my money on good skincare products. It will make your skin much happier! And it will with out a doubt make your skin much more beautiful, healthy and happy! :)

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