7 DOs and DON'Ts when you stay in the sun

Get the 7 largest DOs and DON'Ts when it comes to sunbathing, sunscreen, sunscreen, skin cancer and more. Free guide, that help you protect your skin

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The sun is FABULOUS! And a summer without sun is pretty boring, right?

The sun is also the cause of a number of small – and large – bore similarities to you, your skin and especially for your pimples and impure skin.

In short: The sun is a cause for many more pimples and impurities.

Women are the worst

We might as well start hard…

– Who would not want the bad news first, and then be able to enjoy the good news afterwards? :-)

In relation to the sun, then cancer certainly is the really bad news.

Most of us know at least one who has been affected by this cruel disease.

Unfortunately, many people still continued after the faith: “It can not happen to me” …

But yes, it happens – and increasingly!

And this despite the fact that there constantly are huge “how to avoid cancer” campaign all over the world to alert you to take care of yourself – Here in Denmark the best slogan surely is “sunscreen, hat and shade”? Hope you have heard something similar :-)

Despite warnings, the number of skin cancer tripled in the last 30 years in women and more than doubled in men.

Perhaps because women are worse to lie and roast in the sun?

Actually are around 40 persons DAILY diagnosed with skin cancer – and that is just in Denmark, where we only are 5 million people. (you do the math for your country)

This corresponds to approximately 14,600 cases per year, making skin cancer the most abundant form of cancer in Denmark.

Fortunately survives the vast majority

Although the vast majority survive, this can cause unsightly scars, to remove common skin cancer – and the vast majority of cases occur on the ears, the nose and the eyes, the scars can be particularly annoying and difficult to conceal.

It is easy to prevent skin cancer and melanoma

The vast majority of both ordinary skin cancer and melanoma happens due to too much UV radiation from the sun and solarium, for many sunburns and lack of use of sunscreen.

The solution is simple:

  • LESS UV radiation!
  • SKIP solarium!
  • AVOID sunburn!

And …

  • Remember sunscreen!

For the sake of your pimples!

Most people think – mistakenly – that sunscreen and sun protection only are to avoid skin cancer.

Maybe you feel the same way?

Maybe you also know that the sun is the cause of wrinkles and can cause pigment damage.

In that case, you will probably be surprised when you hear that the sun actually are REALLY harmful to your pimples and can aggravate acne tremendously.

Many believe, in fact – again incorrectly – that the sun is good for the skin and good for treating pimples and acne.

Sun causes pimples!

Irritation of the skin is one of the biggest causes of acne, oily skin and impure skin.

And the sun’s rays are tremendously irritating to the skin, so the sun is not good when you suffer from pimples and acne.

Perhaps you’ve tried sun bathing to remove your pimples?

And it is also true that the sun can help the pimples on the surface – all the pimples that have already been raised. What happens is that the sun dries the skin and thereby reduces pimples on the surface.

However, in the same time the sun irritates the deeper skin – and during one week, then you will get EVEN MORE pimples.

This is a vicious circle that you create by first removing a few pimples, but then create even more pimples.

The sun is therefore NOT good for your pimples!

So remember sun protection! Not only to prevent skin cancer, but also to avoid pimples, impure skin and aggravation of acne.

And NO! – Sunscreen does not cause cancer!

A widespread myth that constantly are inflated to, is the mistaken myth that sunscreen should cause skin cancer.

What nonsense!

Despite that, the media and several sites on the Internet recommend dropping sun protection, so there is absolutely no scientific evidence that sunscreen causes skin cancer.

On the contrary!

There are enormously well-documented research proving the clear benefits of daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher, year round.

The risk of deadly skin cancer is reduced greatly by daily use of sunscreen.

And the risk of irritation of the skin, which can aggravate acne, oily skin and impure skin, also reduced much by the use of sunscreen.

If you need more conviction? So read this guide about the benefits of sunscreen – and why sunscreen does not causes skin cancer.

7 DOs and DON’Ts when you stay in the sun

Let us THEN get to the 7 DOs and DON’Ts 7, when you stay in the sun.

For although you should remember sunscreen, hat and shade – to quote the campaign motto from Kræftens Bekæmpelse (=Danish Board of Cancer Society), then remember to also enjoy the sun in summer and the lovely warmth.

The sun is the fact just FABULOUS!

– Just remember to take care of yourself when you are enjoying the sun and the summer heat with these 7 DOs and DON’Ts 7:

1. DO:

REMEMBER sun protection, 365 days a year.

Even on a rainy day is the sun’s UVA rays namely there – they go right through a rain cloud, can not be seen and causes skin cancer.

2. DO:

Remember sunscreen on all exposed skin – face, hands, arms and legs.

Also when you are sitting in an office, driving in the car and the like, “away” from the sun.

The sun goes namely riiight through windows and car windshields and hits your skin – and YES, the damage is just as great.

3. DO:

Choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) 15 – 30 Thus you are best protected!

And … It may well be a day cream with SPF. It is every bit as good – maybe even better if it can help you to remember to use sunscreen DAILY :-)

4. DO

Sunscreen should rather be overstated than understated!

In short: Use plenty of sunscreen.

The correct amount should be such so that you can see and feel that you’ve got sunscreen on, a few minutes after you have greased yourself.

5. DO


We sweat much more here in the summer heat, and a dehydrated body is both tired and lethargic and do not have full power to heal and eliminate pimples and acne.

SO: Drink more water than you normally do.

6. DO

Choose makeup with sunscreen! When you do use powder, so choose a powder / foundation with sun protection factor (SPF 15-30) – and get the extra bonus by putting makeup on: -D

7. DO

Eat yourself to natural sun protection. Especially carrots contains natural sun protection, so boost your body from the inside with healthy vegetables.

And … Eat lots of vegetables. The vegetables are also just EXTRA delicious here in the summer when they are completely fresh … so just dig in, and EAT :-) And thereby get sure to get plenty of vegetables, despite the summer also offers lots of ice cream, barbecue, etc.

1. DON’T

Whether your sun protection comes from a decidedly sunscreen or your day cream, then it is foolish to forget UVA filter.

Many sunscreens and sun protection products contain only UVB filter. BUT sun sends more jets – and those you need to protect yourself against both UVB and UVA rays.

UVA rays are those that are promoting 365 days a year, going through the glass and causes the most damage to the skin. So a sunscreen / day cream without both UVB and UVA filter is a definite DO NOT!

2. DON’T

Do factor 50+! = SKIP factor 50!

The higher the factor, the more risk of allergies and skin irritation.

Furthermore protects SPF 50 and SPF 30 just the same, SPF 50 protects only longer.

SPF 30 protects 6-7 hours for a plain white skin, so it is quite ample protection – and irritate the skin less :-)

3. DON’T

Do waterproof sunscreen! Waterproof sunscreen does not exist, does not work and it’s cheating!

So do not believe in waterproof sunscreen. You’re cheating yourself really sunscreen!

And remember, sunscreen after you’ve bathed – and always after perspiring during the day.

4. DON’T

Fall into the trap of less sleep simply because the days are longer and it is dark for a short time – or barbecues, summer parties and outdoor fun is delayed.

Your body needs its beauty sleep, even in summer!

SO: Remember to sleep and get rested, despite the weather.

5. DON’T

NEVER, forget your sunglasses!

– Not just because they complement the perfect outfit.

Sunglasses are your sun protection to your eyes, which is super important.

In fact, green and cataracts often caused by UV damage in the eyes. And pinch constant eye together, so you risk faster requirements toes and wrinkles around the eyes.

6. DON’T

NEVER, recycling sunscreen from last year!

Sunscreen has an expiration date – and sunscreens are destroyed and lose their effect within 12 months.

Using last year’s sunscreen, just because there is little left is STUPIDLY – for the sun-filters are gone, so you have no protection.

7. DON’T

Do NOT use coconut oil sunscreen.

Despite some write about coconut oil and other oils, as sun protection, then you are cheated!

Coconut oil does not contain enough sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

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