Avoid expired skin care products

Skincare products can also kill your skin

Even if most women are able to use up all of their skin-care products within a year, some of them still find old, open products in their cosmetics cabinet, and they do not have the heart to throw them out.

In spite of the fact that skin-care products contain preservatives, you should take simple precautions to avoid infection from a bacteria-filled skin-care product.

Put all of your skin-care products out on the table and get ready to–maybe–throw the expired products out.

Different durability

The durability of your skin-care products depends on several different factors. For example, some products contain water (most creams), while others do not (powder, pure oils, etc.,. Product packaging can make a difference, too.

Rapid deterioration

If your skin-care products are subjected to sunlight, air, heat, bacteria, or high temperature shifts, deterioration will happen significantly faster.

The solution is always to buy products in safe packaging, which is a pump or a tube; never a jar.

At the same time, you should store your skin-care products in a cabinet or a drawer in your bedroom and thereby avoid the humidity, shifts in temperature, and possible exposure to direct sunlight that may occur in your bathroom.

The expiration date

Regardless of how you store your skin-care products, you should always comply with the “do not use after” date that you will find on the product package.

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Mads Timmermann

Expert in beautiful skin and founder of Danish Skin Care