Makeup causes pimples (or does it?)

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Powder, foundation, and other makeup is โ€“ perhaps โ€“ the cause of pimples.

Have you failed to cover blemished skin with foundation and powder, for fear of clogging the skin? Fear of getting more pimples?

Fear no longer! No worries โ€ฆ

And yet! There are always exceptions to every rule.

Let it quickly be pointed out that a thick layer of makeup or foundation does not cause pimples.

Although rarely flattering, a thick layer of makeup is not the cause of acne. A thick layer of makeup can look especially silly over skin that has many pimples, but makeup doesnโ€™t clog your skinโ€™s pores.

Just remember to remove your makeup before bedtime!

It should also be strongly recommended that you use a daily exfoliation that includes beta hydroxy acid (BHA, also called salicylic acid).

Try different makeup

In the past, makeup contained many substances that could clog the pores of the skin. However, this is not the case today and makeup is not the direct cause of pimples and clogging.

Any product could be the cause of pimples, because people are different and respond differently to skin-care ingredients.

You know that a makeup color that is beautiful on your friend may does absolutely nothing good for you.

In the same way, you probably have experienced different results with powder and foundation. The powder that settles beautifully on your friendโ€™s skin does just not work for your skin.

So try different makeup products and brands. Find the one that matches your skin. Find makeup that suits your skin and eye color and that looks good on your skin.

Mineral Makeup and non-comedogenic

Note! The much-hyped mineral makeup products are no better than ordinary makeup. Mineral makeup is actually not even natural, as many mistakenly believe.

Do not be fooled by the โ€œnon-comedogenic makeup productsโ€ โ€“ also called โ€œnon-comedogenic makeup.โ€ Besides being somewhat more expensive than regular makeup, the difference is often just in the name, so you have no more or less security against clogging.

Furthermore, โ€œnon-comedogenic makeupโ€ says nothing about whether the product is good or bad for your skin โ€“ or for treating pimples.

When choosing makeup, always choose makeup without perfume. Select makeup that does not contain essential oils and other irritating ingredients.

Enjoy your makeup

Let it again be emphasized! Please use makeup! If you like :-)

Fear of pimples and clogging of skin pores should not be your reason to ditch makeup.

On the contrary! Makeup can help to give you the confidence you need. Cover one annoying pimple, so it is not the first thing people see.

Remember also that makeup is not a treatment for pimples. Makeup covers but does not remove pimples โ€“ for this you need skin care.

The most important thing to remember with makeupย is that it can be used to highlight your beautiful face.

So use makeup without fear. Use it to highlight yourself and smile to the worldย  :-)

The perfect product to avoid clogging

Perfect Skin Power Treat from Danish Skin Care is based on salicylic acid โ€“ the best ingredient to avoid clogging and cleanse your pores.

It is a very mild product. It is a daily exfoliation that helps the skinโ€™s natural exfoliation.

Use it every night. Once you have cleaned your face, spread the product on your face and leave it on your face overnight, under your cream.

Perfect Skin Power Treat helps to treat acne, uneven skin, scars, pigmentation damage, and reduces redness.

For you who wear makeup, the products ensures no clogging of your pores. A must-have in your daily skin care routine!

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