Marks after blemishes

Dots, marks and scars in the skin after pimples. GUIDE to remove marks and scars on the skin after pimples, acne and impurities. Free guide here

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Question: “Marks after blemishes”

Hi Mads :-) Thank you for a super web site!

I write to you because I hope that you can give me some advice about my skin. I’m 17 years old and have been dealt a “lucky” hand when it comes to bad skin. My skin looks fairly nice with small, regular breakouts, but nothing that is of great nuisance.

About a year ago, I had 4-5 small blemishes on one cheek, each left a small red mark. I didn’t think more about it, because the marks usually disappear, but apparently my skin doesn’t like me. Now, a year later, the small, red marks are still there – they can be covered up easily with make-up, but I would rather have them disappear. They don’t protrude from the skin, so I’m wondering if they are scars?

My question for you is this. Can I do anything about these red marks? Have heard that peeling can help, is that the case? :-)

All the best,

Answer to: “Marks after blemishes”

Hi Cecilie – and thank you so much yourself! It is great that you can use my knowledge and like my web site :-)

I am very convinced that your red marks are scars – and since it does not seem to be deep scars, but just in the form of outer discolouration, peeling can actually do a lot. If not, the alternatives are laser treatments, injections, etc. which are both very extensive and expensive – so I will recommend you to start with trying peeling. I know many people who have had great success with that.

The form of peeling that I will recommend to you is the daily peeling. Even if it sounds tempting to use masks, scrub and the likes, these are very harsh for the skin, and in many cases can make the problem even worse. The daily peeling will remove a thin layer of skin every day and at the same time give the new skin a chance to emerge in a good way.

The best thing for a daily peeling is salicylic acid (also called BHA) – for example, you can find it in my Perfect Skin Power Treat, which I will suggest you to look up.

I wish you all the best with your scars and your skin – please write back to me, when you have successfully removed your scars. I would love to hear how my recommendation will have helped you.

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