How to remove acne scars from your skin

How to reduce the scar on your face after pimples - more options stated here! Skin Care Guide for removing scars from acne

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Scar treatment and acne

Scars appear to varying degrees for people after a period with acne.

For some, scars appear on the face because of a long period with the destruction of the deep tissue in your skin, very often because of severe cystic acne.

It can be tempting to press your blemishes, which is basically okay (see the guide:ย (see the guide: How to squeeze a pimple and solve acne). Still, you should always press on your skin carefully, so you will not cause more scarring.

The methods for treating scars on your face are very different, since it is all dependent on size and how recent the scars are.

Remove scars with skincare

Daily use of creams containing Vitamin Aย (see Danish Skin Care Moisturizers), will improve the top layer and structure of your skin, so smaller scars can be improved a little.

But it is important that you use the products for an extended period of time (several months). (

Remove scars with microdermabrasion

In just one hour a dermatologist can treat scars on your face (which is numbed or frozen) by using a rotating diamond wheel.

Remove scars with laser

Although laser treatment may sound severe, it is a very safe way of treating scars on your skin, since you can easily control the penetration depth on the skin.

A laser treatment removes the skin, so that new skin can be created. Laser treatment of scars can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the scars.

Remove scars with peeling

A peeling with a dermatologist takes about 15 to 30 minutes, removes the top layer of your skin, and diminishes the appearance of scars.

Remove scars with injection

Since a scar on the skin is like a recess (a dimple), it can be filled with a variety of injections โ€“for example, collagen.

The effect of collagen injections is instant, does not take very long, but is only temporary.

Injections with salt water is also possible, since that will make the skin produce more collagen. But it takes between four and eight injections to have any effect.

Remove scars with daily peeling/exfoliation โ€“ at-home treatment

Finally, there is the daily peeling/exfoliation. It will not have an instant effect, but it will gradually improve the appearance of your skin. Furthermore, daily exfoliation is not as severe as the treatments mentioned above, which can be very expensive before you see a positive result.

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