Skin Care for blackheads and large pores

Black dots in the skin, large pores and blackheads should be treated with proper skin care - it can not just be washed / scrubbed away!

Skincare for black heads
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Can you wash and scrub your blackheads away?

Many mistakenly believe that blackheads and large pores are due to dirt. This view will logically cause many to believe that blackheads can be washed away.

Maybe you have the same opinion?

Forget that idea!

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Not due to dirt!

The dead skin cells are a natural process of skin, so itโ€™s nothing badโ€”on the contrary! When your skin cells die, new ones areย  made. Thisย  does away with old-skin problems.

The oil, which is mixed with skin cells and creates blackhead, is also important! You may have heard this oil referred to as tallow, fat, or simply skin oil. Regardless of the name, it is all the same.

This oil helps to cleanse your skinโ€™s pores. The oil helps to moisturize your skin. The oil helps to protect and care for your skinโ€™s surface.

When a good is an evil

Dead skin cells and oil are, therefore, good for the skin. The problem occurs when there is an over-production.

Think of it like when a pipe is clogged. Whenย  dirt and water through a pipe, the pipe can sometimes clog. Exactly the same thing happens when many dead skin cells and oil meet, creating a blackhead.

Note! Although blackheads are not due to dirt, it is important that your daily skin-care routine includes cleansing, morning and evening, and always with a mild cleanser! This will reduce the risk of other skin problems, as it will help to remove dead skin cells and oil from the skin.

It is important!

It is important here to emphasize that the dead skin cells and oil are good!

As previously mentioned, both the dead skin cells and oil are an important function for your skin.

You never want to use drying skin care, to reduce the oil. You do not want to remove the oil, but stabilize it.

Furthermore, using drying skin-care products creates the risk that you will create even more drying causes your skin to think: โ€œI need moisture. I produce more oil.ย โ€

You can probably see the down side.ย  :-) Especially when your goal was to reduce the production of oil, not to produce more.

Therefore, always use mild skin care. Use skin-care products specially formulated for oily skin. (Never use oils on oily skin.) This will help you to stabilize the skinโ€™s oil production, so you have a matte (not shiny) skin.

Get rid of blackheads

The best treatment for blackheads is using a daily exfoliation product with BHA (also called salicylic acid). BHA is an excellent ingredient to remove blackheads!

BHA is oil solving โ€“ dissolves the plug of dead skin cells and oil.

BHA is exfoliating โ€“ gently removes the dead-skin layer, which blocks the blackhead.

BHA is deep-acting โ€“ working not only on the skinโ€™s surface, but penetrates the skin pores and helps to free the transport of oil and dead skin cells.

Perfect Skin Power Treat

Perfect Skin Power Treat from Danish Skin Care is based on BHA, which makes the product great for treating blackheads.

Besides BHA, Perfect Skin Power Treat contains otherย  good ingredients, namely: niacinamide, vitamin E, chamomile.

The combination of these ingredients makes the product highly efficient in treating blackheads.

The product is also soothing and bactericides. It is the perfect product for those of you with blackheads and acne.

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