Quick treatment guide - This is how you remove whiteheads on your face

Whiteheads can be a challenge but don't despair we know the top treatment and your skin will love it! Its all about the best ingredients...

Question: โ€œQuick treatment guide - This is how you remove whiteheads on your faceโ€

Hey Mads

I suffer from a lot of whiteheads on my face. I have used Finacea 15% to treat my skin problems, but my problems have continued for several months. The whiteheads become ugly scars and I have a really hard time coping with my skin problems. I have been to the dermatologist who prescribed Finacea against my skin problems a lot of times, but nothing seems to help.

So mads please help me! What should I do?

Best wishes

Answer to: โ€œQuick treatment guide - This is how you remove whiteheads on your faceโ€

Hi Pia

Do not worry you, of cause I want to help you and I will do my best to help you remove your whiteheads and to get rid of you skin problems โ€“ whiteheads is really annoying โ€ฆ

Hmm โ€ฆ But using Finacea, really is not a product I can and will recommend for your problems! Finacea is a pretty weak product, which has minimal effect on whiteheads โ€ฆ So unless you have extremely sensitive skin and this is why why you use Finacea, then you probably should not continue with the product.

โ€“ Learn more about prescriptions and medicines for acne, pimples and blemished skin here.

But whiteheads โ€“ although they are incredibly frustrating โ€“ is something that skincare should pretty easily remove. You just have to treat the whiteheads with the right skincare.

A daily treatment withย salicylic acidย and vitamin A and vitamin E should in a relatively short time remove the whiteheads โ€ฆ I think you should probably expect a few months of treatment, but then you should also see some nice improvements on you skin.

So yes, I would recommend that you get started with the Danish Skin Care series:

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It contains all the care your skin needs, so you can get rid of your whiteheads โ€“ and a lot of extra vitamins, minerals and anti-aging ingredients that will spoil your skin โ€“ so you get a beautiful and nice skin without the annoying whiteheads! :-)

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