Skincare stops working after some time

Do you regularly need to replace your skin care products because they stop working? Get the answer here and avoid skin care Scam

Skincare stops working
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Author Mads Timmermann

Mads has 14+ years of experience as a skin expert and has written/read this article.

Is it a sales trick or is it true?

Have you tried a lot different skin–care products?

Most people have! Many people try a wide range of skin–care products, most often, to find something that works. Other times because the skin-care product they’ve been using suddenly does not work anymore.

Perhaps you’ve had the same experience?
You may  even have the opinion that skin-care products WILL STOP working.

Perhaps you have heard from a salesperson that skin care can stop working or that you can become immune to the effect.

Find out in this guide. Avoid making mistakes and using bad treatments. Get rid of useless products and SAVE A LOT OF MONEY!

Can skin-care products stop working?

Yes and no.

Skin-care products have a shelf life. After the expiration date, the product is bad and it should be discarded. The ingredients will not work.

You do not, however (far from it!), need to change your skin-care brand or product!

The same ingredients and the same skin care will continue to work on your skin. You will not be immune to good ingredients!

Think about it logically.

If you eat healthfully, will your body suddenly stop using the healthful nutrients? Can you become immune to vegetables and healthy diet? Nonsense!

The same is true with skin care.

Your skin does NOT adapt to good products so that they no longer work. On the contrary! Your skin will love the continuous daily care with good skin-care products!

Observe the guidelines!

The expiration date is set, however, because after that date the product is no longer good. Please be sure to use your skin–care products before expiration date.

You’ll find the expiration date on the product container—often at the bottom of the box or bottle.

Besides expiration date, all skin–care products have a “shelf life after opening.

You should comply with that date, but it is rarely a problem. The vast majority of skin–care products have a shelf life after opening that extends forone or two yearse.

You will find shelf life after opening guidelines on your skin-care product in the form of a jar symbol.

For example, 12M on package means that the product can be used 12 months after opening.

However, if your skin-care products are exposed to light, air, heat, bacteria, or high temperature change, the degradation rate will be significantly increased. Your product will therefore exceed its durability and shelf life after opening.

The solution to this dilemma is to always buy skin-care products in safe packaging. Safe packaging means a pump or tube; never a jar!

Let it once again be emphasized: You will not be immune to good skin care!

Your skin-care product may be too old, and like carrots, it can rot. New, fresh carrots remain healthy for you.  :-)

Why does my skincare not work anymore?

Skin-care products that work immediately are really great! Right?

You would prefer that your skin-care product works immediately…or even sooner.  ;-)

This consumer desire leads many producers to use harsh ingredients and offer dramatic results.

It can be possible to remove one pimple with harsh treatment. It doesn’t always work, but it happens.

The customer has gotten the the his or her wish: a result in the course of a few days.

Most times with  “fast-working” products, the customer experiences  heat, cold, redness, tingling, and / or stinging of the skin.

An experience that many mistakenly interpret as signs of an effective skin-care product.

The problem is not solved. Far from it!

A vicious circle has begun, and new outbreaks of pimples will be removed with the same harsh treatment.

The disadvantage is that there is a great risk of provoking even more breakouts.

Continuing treatment with a harsh product  will provoke more and more outbreaks of pimples, up to a point when the product cannot keep up.

Precisely for this reason, many find that the skin-care product stops working.

Seen logically, it can be argued whether the product ever worked at all. Perhaps on one pimple, yes, but causing more—is that a good result?

Good skin care does not stop working! On the contrary!

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