How to treat visible scars from acne and pimples

Finally your acne and pimples are gone, but they left scars and red marks on your skin? We know how irritating it is! So let us help you!

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Question: “How to treat visible scars from acne and pimples”

Hey Mads

I have used Danish Skin Care products for just about 4 months. And it has virtually removed all my impurities, I still have a bit left, but it’s not at all like what I suffered from before.

But I still have big visible scars that just do not want to go away! I am very pale in the skin, so it the scars are really visible! I do not feel the products do anything about my scars. Is there anything else I can do about the scars? other then laser treatments?

I only have scars on the cheeks and around the mouth and the chin. I don’t know if it is important, where the scars are located. :)

Yours sincerely

Answer to: “How to treat visible scars from acne and pimples”

Hello Jessica

It is really GREAT that you in just four months already have gotten rid of all your impurities. It’s so cool! : -)

Of course, of course, I understand that you want the acne scars to disappear! Treatment of scars, however, takes a long time, regardless of the treatment you choose. If you choose to do laser treatments, it would require 3 – 4 treatments with 4 months break between each treatment … So laser treatments of scars, will approximately take 12 months.

– Read more about laser treatment and other treatments here.

Danish Skin Care products actually already do a really good job when it comes to the treatment of scars – so I would recommend you to arm yourself with patience, because laser treatments is such a harsh treatment …

But in addition to laser and Danish Skin Care products, I can not really recommend other methods. Despite there are many solutions on the web with tips and even more machines and products that promise to remove scar easily and quickly – it is a regrettable fact that only laser treatments and otherwise salicylic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E that work – and you get all 3 ingredients in Danish Skin Care products. And you get them in really large quantities, so you get a really good treatment of scars with Danish Skin Care products! :-)

– Read more about Danish Skin Care’s attitude towards ingredients here.

And should I give you one really smart advice, then it might be a good idea to go to a health food store, it’s not all pharmacies that have this and get a mineral supplement in the form of zinc tablets. Zinc is great for helping to repair the skin – and your skin really benefit from them, especially in cold climates or in the winter periods.

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