Basiron – 5% or 10%

Is 10% Basiron better than 5% to stop acne, pimples and blemishes? What Basiron % will you need to remove acne? Get free answers here

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Question: “Basiron – 5% or 10%”

Hi Mads,

You write that one should put Basiron 5% on blemishes, but does that go for all the different kinds of blemishes?

Primarily, I suffer from the big, infected abscesses that will gradually become white in the middle, but they appear very spaced out across my face, and I’ve read online that you often use Basiron 10% on the individual blemishes that aren’t clustered, is that true? Should I just try Basiron 5% first?

I also have a lot of dark and red spots near my temples and on my cheeks. Will they disappear with time, if I use the correct peeling, or will they always stay there?

PS: I love your site! :-D It’s really helped me to understand my acne.

Answer to: “Basiron – 5% or 10%”

Thank you so much for the kind words about my site. I am happy to inspire you!

You using Basiron is really great. But I will strongly recommend you to stay with using 5%, since research has shown that 5% will kill the acne bacteria just as well as 10%. Basiron 5% is just less irritating.

The breakouts on your cheeks and temples will hopefully get better, when you use the correct skincare, which you will be if you follow the steps in my Cure for Acne.

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