Avoid pimples and acne on the neck: this is how you remove pimples on the neck

Pimples are irritating and we all want to be rid of them! Learn how you avoid pimples and give your skin the best possible skincare here.

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Question: “Avoid pimples and acne on the neck: this is how you remove pimples on the neck”

Hi Mads

I hope you can help me with getting rid of the pimples on my neck. I am quite troubled by pimples on the neck and you have already helped me a great deal with getting rid of the pimples and acne on my face. Thank you very much for that. Your skincare series Danish Skin Care is brilliant! I have only used the products for 4-5 months and has already gotten rid of most of my pimples. At any rate, I am no longer plagued with big yellow and inflamed pimples. Now I only have such little impurities and acne, but far less than when I started. So I’m sure that the products will also probably remove the last impurities.

The problem is that I often get some pretty big pimples on my neck. What can I do about them? Seems I always have 2-3 yellow pimples on the neck and it is often the inflamed pimples, which are ripe and ready to be pressed – it just doesn’t seem like it helps to press the pimples, because then I just get wounds.

I hope you can help me!

And again in 1000-thanks for the Danish Skin Care skincare series :-D


Answer to: “Avoid pimples and acne on the neck: this is how you remove pimples on the neck”

Hi Mette

Great to hear that your skin is already improving. And you already got rid of the big yellow pimples on your face, all because you use my skincare products :-) It’s super cool!

And nice that you are optimistic about the last small impurities. And you should be – the treatment of pimples and acne just takes time, but Danish Skin Care products can also probably remove the last impurities. I’m positively sure about that, because you are already reacting so super well to the products and they have almost already removed all of your pimples :-)

With regard to the pimples on your neck, I can tell you, that I very much want to guide you on how you quickly get rid of pimples on the neck :-)

Let me also just say that it is quite normal to have pimples on the neck. Pimples occur, however, most often on the face, but you can easily get pimples on the neck too. Just as we can get pimples on the back, pimples on the chest, pimples on the thighs or other similar places on the body.

But let’s stick to pimples on the neck, which is what you ask for :-)

First of all, I would like to talk a little further about what may be the cause of pimples, acne and impure skin on the neck. Of course the pimples on the neck can be the result of a common culprit, hormones.

Pimples, acne and blemishes on the neck and hairline can also be caused by some things that you can easily change. So lets just get straight to the things that can quite easily cause pimples on the neck.

And off cause, what you can change to avoid pimples on the neck.

So here you get my quick and completely FREE guide to:


Pimples, acne and impure skin on the neck is almost all about irritation. Now I mentioned earlier that pimples on the neck can easily be hormonally determined and this is of cause true. However empirically we ourselves are the culprits and causing the pimples on the neck to occur.

In other words, it is our own fault that we are plagued by pimples on the neck.

Irritation is in fact one of the major causes of pimples on the neck. And maybe you think. that you don’t irritate the skin on your neck – but believe me you do. Actually we all do it really much and in many different ways.

Here are some advice on what you should stop doing if you have pimples on the neck

All the things below can cause pimples on the neck. Just as they all can contribute to worsen acne and blemishes on the neck, and they can also result in outbreaks of pimples.

And because you are already plagued by pimples on the neck, then you should really stop doing the following things – they do not help with treating the pimples on your neck :-)


Scarves and shawls can cause pimples on the neck! I know that scarves can be necessary sometimes, when it’s cold – and it may be smart to wear scarfs.

However stop wearing scarfs or other clothing that covers your neck. There is a high risk that it will cause pimples.

This also applies to turtlenecks and other clothes with high collars.

A scarf limits the supply of oxygen to the area. In other words, you minimize your skins ability to breathe and inhibit bacteria from disappearing.

A scarf also increases the temperature of your skin and causing your skin to become moist which will only worsen the situation even more.

– and before this is going to sound too fanatic, I should just point out, that you should obviously never become fanatical!

The point is not, of course, that you should drop the scarf completely and freeze when cycling to work or going for a walk. The point is that you might need to consider limiting the use of scarves so that you don’t constantly and every day is wearing scarfs.

If you only wear a scarf while you are cycling to and from work and you don’t wear it the rest of the day, it shouldn’t cause any problems :-) But if you wear a big woolen scarf all day, it can cause problems for your skin. I really can not recommend you doing this, as it may cause pimples on the neck.

Just because your skin is not allowed to breathe and your skin becomes more warm and moist.

And perhaps the most important point is, while wearing a scarf you constantly have something that slides and rubs up and down the skin – this creates friction, which cause skin irritation, which is the direct cause of pimples.

As for scarves, make sure you also remember to wash your scarves. Just this trick can help to minimize and eliminate pimples in the neck tremendously. If your scarf for example is covered with hair wax, makeup and bacteria, there is a much greater risk that it will cause pimples on the neck.


Oily hair can cause pimples. Be sure to keep your hair newly washed :-)

The hair contains oils and sebum that can easily be transferred to the neck. And pimples consists of oil and sebum and partly of dead skin cells, so by having greasy hair you actually nourish the pimples.

This step is particularly important if you use greasy hair products – which brings us to the next point:


First of all, as mentioned earlier, pimples are made of oil and dead skin cells. And the body creates millions of dead skin cells every day. The skin secretes millions of dead skin cells through the skin pores daily, which is quite normal.

It is also quite normal that the skin secrete sebum, as it helps to cool your skin – just like sebum helps care and treat your skin. Our body is a wonderful machine :-)

The problem occurs when sebum and dead skin cells creates a plug in the skin’s pores – then a pimple occurs. It is this plug in the skin that cause acne, and the plug can occur because of several things. The two most common is excess amount of oil or clogging of the skin’s surface.

Some hair products contain oil = excess amount of oil and thus a increased risk of pimples

Other hair products containing wax = blockage of the skin’s surface and thus a increased the risk of pimples.

So, be very aware of your hair styling products, as hair styling products are causing a increased risk of getting pimples, acne and blemishes!


First and foremost, lets just point out once more, that bacteria is not caused by poor hygiene or bacteria from outside. Nor can acne and pimples be removed by washing and cleaning more – pimples can not be removed with water and soap.

Nor that you wash your bedding :-)

BUT compared to your bed, then especially your pillow case one of the major causes of pimples. Not because of bacteria, but because of the fat and oil from the hair – and maybe even your hair styling products.

While you sleep at night, quite naturally lubricates oil from the hair and you face onto your pillow. In addition, you may also have wax in your hair, which gets on the pillow. while sleeping your cheeks, your forehead and your neck is resting exactly the same place and this can create problems – oil and hair products gets on your skin and clog the skin, which very likely will cause pimples.

Be sure to change your bed linen once a week or even more often.


No matter where you are plagued by acne, remember to wash your skin after perspiring. Always take a shower after you have played sports or been exercising. Sweat is no problem for the skin, but old sweat is really not good for the skin and can cause pimples.

You should therefore ALWAYS use clean workout clothes.


I cant stress this out enough, minimize all forms of irritation, and from research we know for a fact what cause irritation of the skin – irritation that may cause pimples.

I am thinking especially of perfumes and dyes. And other harsh ingredients.

Always avoid perfume and color in products you usually use when you care for your skin – this also applies to hair-styling, waxing, gel and special shampoos.

Also, avoid shampoos and hair products containing menthol, camphor or other “fancy ingredients” – such as lemon, rose or the like. It is really not good for the skin! And can cause pimples!

I will actually take it a step further and recommend that you even avoid perfume and color in your washing powder.

Also avoid oils and oily products on your skin and in your hair. Oil is as said before one of the ingredients in a pimple.

If you follow what I have written above, you will definitely minimize the risk of getting pimples on the neck, and it will greatly help to remove pimples on the neck, which leads us on to your real question: how to remove pimples on the neck?

It’s actually very straight forward – and you already know the treatment :-)

Here’s my guide to:


Treatment of pimples on the neck and removing pimples on the neck is about exactly the same as the treatment of pimples in the face.

Pimples are namely pimples – whether pimples are on the face, the neck, on your back or every where else you could be plagued by pimples.

– Pimples on the neck is easily removed by using Danish Skin Care skincare series

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