Guilty Pleasures (Because We Can’t Help It)

Is coffee really harmful? Stresses coffee the body? Guide to getting energy - and enjoy your unhealthy starbucks coffee

Author Mads Timmermann

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You know, some things you just can’t live without…

Even if it miiiight not be healthy!

 Me wearing sunglasses the size of a huge flat screen, false beards and a blonde wig.

– No wait … no wig. It’ll give med a sweaty scalp! Hat instead. Yes like that: Sunglasses, beard and hat! Wide-brimmed Stetson-style, not a straw hat…

ON WITH THE STORY: So Undercover Me in full disguise sneaking my way to the best coffee shop in town. Inside – still wearing sunglasses – I slide up to the counter and whisper to the sweet coffee girl: Hazelnut macchiato with soy milk.

After a few minutes I get the steaming gold and rush to the far corner where I sit behind a newspaper (borrowed of my neighbor) and – mmmmmh – slurp my favorite coffee. (I have probably taken the beard off by now. Terribly annoying such a beard!)

NOW YOU MAY THINK: Has Mads gone completely crazy??? Not only is he running around like some undercover CIA agent, he even drinks COFFEE!!!

I KNOW! And I know, that you know, that I know!

That’s the reason for the cunning disguise. Surely I can’t be your source for the best beauty and health tips on the one hand and then drink coffee on the other … When we both know that coffee is not on our bodies’ hit list!

THERE IS EVERY REASON to skip coffee:

My good friend and juice champion Mads Bo usually calls it “liquid stress” because it causes your blood pressure to rise. You will also get dependent on it and it can really interfere with your sleep which is super important for both body and skin.

BUT when it’s 4 pm, and you are running out of energy or if you need a little extra pep in the morning, it’s tempting to grab a cup!

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? That’s exactly what I do! I grab a cup. ONE. But it is a SUPER CUP! No boring coffee pot-coffee. I drink a cup of the HOTTEST kind. To me that’s Hazelnut macchiato with soy milk (Piist … Like the one from Starbucks. But you didn’t get it from me). It’s almost like a liquid dessert, but YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY, it’s so good!

And isn’t one top-delicious dessert much more fun than 8 liters dreary coffee pot-coffee? Remember, although we are super healthy every day, we are allowed to sin a little bit. Think 80/20: 80% healthy and 20% not-quite-so-healthy. The fabulous coffee-yum-dessert is my 20% ;-)

Of course THE ONE CUP wouldn’t be enough if I was trying to get energy for my long days filled with interesting people, lectures and traveling around the country. But luckily there are sooo many other ways to get energized.

I BET YOU HAVE ALREADY LAUGHED at the short clips of me dancing in the office or on the trampoline? It’s SUPER-fun, AND it’s simply the wildest boost of energy! Much better than 10 cups of coffee.

A glass of water actually does wonders as well. A ginger-shot is another one of my favorites and just 10 minutes of meditation will clear your mind and get you ready to seize the day!

THOSE ARE JUST some of the simple but effective tips to boost your energy. So you won’t need 8 liters of coffee to stay awake.

Have just one cup instead: AN UTTERLY FANTASTIC CUP OF COFFEE-INDULGENCE! (And you don’t need neither sunglasses or a beard … or hat!)

Bon appetite :-D


  • Coffee reduces sugar metabolism by nearly half. In other words, you quickly get an urge for more energy. If you do not get it: ZZZZZZZZ!
  • Coffee also lowers the blood sugar, combined with the reduced sugar metabolism it means your craving for chocolate and sugar soon will kick in. If you do not get it: ZZZZZZZZ!
  • You will get both dependent AND resistant to the caffeine in coffee. This means that you constantly will need more and that you will experience withdrawal symptoms such as headache, irritation and fatigue if you stop or do not increase your intake. ZZZZZZZ!
  • Coffee is liquid stress! Caffeine affects the central nervous system and provokes the same physical symptoms as stress like palpitations. This is very straining and will wear on your body. More ZZZZZ!

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