Does all milk cause pimples? Is skyr causing pimples? Does cake and bread cause pimples?

Hi Mads

I have a question about milk products. I know that milk causes acne.

But should you also preferably avoid eating anything that contains milk? Even bread, cake, yogurt, etc.?

– Katja

Hello Katja

Actually, the main – and most accurate – answer is YES!

We should never do anything harmful to ourselves …

But I am also a great advocate about never being fanatic … and yes, it’s not because you eat a piece of cream cake once in a while that you get pimples. You will not get pimples from eating a piece of bread with cheese on a Sunday.

It is the daily irritation of the skin, which gives pimples – and cow’s milk is very irritating to the skin and is the direct cause of pimples. So drinking milk every day, eating cheese several times a week and eating yogurt daily – I would strongly advise against such a kind of diet!

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