Natural nice, matte skin

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Question: “Natural nice, matte skin”

Hi Mads :-)

How do you get natural nice, matte skin?

I would like to avoid powder and a lot of other types of make-up to make my skin look matte.

My skin looks nice after I cleanse it, but after a few hours it becomes shiny, but it isn’t particularly greasy.

Hope you can help me.

Br, Cecilie

Answer to: “Natural nice, matte skin”

Hi Cecilie

I would certainly love to help you! You ask a very popular question – it is very “high fashion” to have matte skin, when it was popular some years back to have very shiny skin.

First, I would like to recommend you to look for a crème for “greasy skin” because they normally contain matting ingredients – or I can definitely recommend Perfect Skin Moisturizer – Normal to oily skin from Danish Skin Care. Then, even if it is a make-up product you should look for a “mattifier”. It is a product that you use in top of your powder to remove the shiny from the make-up – but you can use it directly on your skin, where it will matte your skin and remove all glow/shine.

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