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No more razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs

A close shave without ingrown hair and razor burn looks attractive, so it is important to know the proper methods to avoid irritation when you shave.

Especially if you suffer from acne or sensitive or bumpy skin, it is very important to minimize irritation.

This simple guide to shaving will enable you to keep your face free of hair without causing razor burn.

The right tool

Many people mistakenly believe that the irritation and razor burn after shaving occurs because of your razor.

The most important thing is actually that you use a clean, sharp razor blade. That it has four blades and has cost a fortune is not necessary!

On the contrary, it may be advantageous to use a razor with only two blades. Two blades will irritate your skin much less, thereby reducing the risk of a serious acne outbreak.

Always choose a razor with rubber protection at the front blade to help prevent nicks.

Shaving with a razor blade or an electric shaver?

Danish Skin Care is often asked whether it is best to use an electric shaver or a razor blade to shave if you suffer from acne or irritation after shaving. We are happy to share the answer with you: Use a razor blade with only two blades โ€“ instead of an electric shaver.

The secret to shaving without irritation is the shaving product

Dyes and perfumes are one of the major culprits related to irritated skin that is red, sore, has ingrown hairs and suffers from razor burn. In the worst cases, perfumes and dyes actually damage the skin and cause allergy.

Keep away from products containing menthol, camphor, and the like โ€“ though they sound great and promise to provide a cooling effect, they all irritate!

If you suffer from acne and want a close shave, then you should really pay attention to the content of your shaving product!

Think of it this way: a knife just cut the skin, wounding it, so the skin is extra-sensitive and therefore susceptible to any shaving product.

Besides dyes, perfumes, and other irritating ingredients,ย  a shaving product for people who have acne or sensitive skin should never contain oils. Oils will suck up and clog the skin pores, which you certainly do not want if you have acne!

Shave properly

You can benefit greatly by shaving immediately after a shower, when your beard and your skin has been softened by the warm water and a mild cleanserย (eventual use Perfect Skin Face Wash).

Once youโ€™re out of the shower, put a little lukewarm water on your face. Dry with a clean towel and apply a shaving product without alcohol, perfumes, dyes, or other irritating ingredients.

Let the shaving product stay on your face for 2-3 minutes, possibly while brushing your teeth.

When you shave, itโ€™s really important to always shave in the direction the hair grows, and never shave the same place twice.

On your cheeks, your hair usually grows from top to bottom, while the hair on the neck and the Adamโ€™s-apple can grow in many different directions. Keep an eye on how the hair grows in your face, and be extra careful and cautious.

If you have to shave where you have pimples, you should be extra careful and cautious.

After shaving, cleanse your face with lukewarm water, Gently pat your face dry (never rub your face dry), and finally apply your cream. Done!

Do you tend to have ingrown hairs?

Perhaps you are one of those men who has really rebellious hair? Or maybe you just have a lot of hair? Then you have probably experienced an ingrown hair โ€“ or even many.

Ingrown hairs can be hugely annoying and become unsightly pimple-like bumps on the face.

Ingrown hairs occur when a hair curls back into the follicle by friction or pressure.

The solution to the ingrown hair is first of all to reduce the irritation โ€“ and in particular, to reduce the risk of bacteria getting into your freshly shaved skin. Be sure to wash your face with a mild cleanser and shave, following the guide above.

Next, a soothing and exfoliating product can be a great advantage! Using aftershave is, however, absolutely a no-goย (use instead Perfect Skin Power Treat)!

Get rid of ingrown hairs โ€“ once and for all.

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