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Question: “Skin out of control”

Hi mads, really great site you have here. I hope that you can help me a little with my big skin problem.

The past year and a half my skin has been out of control. I think it’s difficult to explain how it’s acting, but I hope you can imagine what it look like.

It started with me having really bad eczema on my hands and my arms from I was 7 to 16, but when I turned 16 it completely disappeared :-) but of course it can come back. .. whenever it’s warm or cold weather. But now I’m 19 almost 20…and approximately a year and a half ago I started having red and irritated rashes on either side of my nose…it disappeared, but then I started having red, scaly, irritated rashes on my neck…and then it disappeared and then the rash appeared on my face, my cheeks and so on…

I started a cure with pills, which was recommended by my doctor and my dermatologist. It got better, but there were some bad side effects. I wrote to my doctor recently, because it’s returned on both my neck and my face. He recommended me to do the cure with pills again, but I don’t want to..

Have tried many crèmes and shampoos, which were recommended by my dermatologist, but nothing has really helped. It’s really itchy during the night, mostly at night and I scratch it at night, which makes it worse :-( But it’s skin flakes that falls off my skin, which is often red and irritated, sometimes dry.

I use very little scented products because it makes the problem worse. I don’t know what to do now.

I hope you have some answers..


Answer to: “Skin out of control”

Dear Marianne,

Thanking you so much for the sweet words about my web site. It is great to help and inspire others.

I am really sorry to hear about your skin disorder, which to me sounds like the skin disease psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that can breakout for periods at a time and then it can disappear for a time and then breakout again. It can appear as very mild types where it “only” appears as little splotches and on to worse types where it covers most of the body. Anatomically, a renewal of the skin cells takes place, which makes the skin red, swollen, scaly and greasy.

Unfortunately, there is no easy or complete cure for psoriasis, but I know of someone improved their psoriasis tremendously by removing meat from their diet.

I think that you should consider making some changes in your diet over a longer period of time and you should especially try to avoid focusing on your disorder. Mental stress can certainly affect psoriasis.

I hope your skin will improve and I wish you a successful future!

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