Psoriasis Skin Care - Treatment of Psoriasis

Treatment of psoriasis can be difficult. Learn here how psoriasis can be treated, reduced and removed. Effective Psoriasis Treatment

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Question: “Psoriasis Skin Care - Treatment of Psoriasis”

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How do I treat my psoriasis skin

Answer to: “Psoriasis Skin Care - Treatment of Psoriasis”

Psoriasis is a serious skin disease that affects both women and men of all ages, however outbreaks mostly in the 20 – and 30- years of age.

Psoriasis is not life threatening , but it categorises as serious as the skin disorder can hurt as well as the appearance of psoriasis can be very annoying .

The characteristics of psoriasis are thick / raised scaly areas with small buds, which unlike pimples, do not contain inflammation .

Psoriasis are most often seen in the hairline and scalp, elbows , knees or around the nails . The whole body may, in extreme cases , be covered with psoriasis.

The cause of psoriasis

Though one can not reliably know the cause of psoriasis , recent research indicates that psoriasis can be triggered by inflammation due to a problem with the skin ‘s immune system and T cells ( a type of white blog bodies ) .

This means in short that the normal skin cells are produced in 28 to 45 days produced psoriasis skin cells of 3 to 6 days. The result of this is so dramatic cell production , which causes the scaly skin layers.

Psoriasis and genetics

Psoriasis can be genetically determined , as you look to one third of patients with psoriasis also have family members who suffer from psoriasis.

Treatment of psoriasis

Unfortunately, there is no cure or direct treatment for psoriasis, but the following measures have proven effective in the relief of this severe skin condition .

It may require experimentation to find out which treatments for psoriasis that works best for you – you should test the methods with the least severe side effects first.

Do always talk to your doctor about the proper treatment for Psoriasis!

Salicylic acid for psoriasis

Daily use of BHA products will loosen the skin’s top layer of skin cells and reduce redness and irritation, and is therefore very suitable for daily treatment of psoriasis.

Perfect Skin Power Treat 2% BHA ( salicylic acid ) could be used on a daily basis for the relief of psoriasis – Surely always in dialog with your doctor.

Cortisone creams for psoriasis

Cortisone creams reduce inflammation and itching, and reduces the skin’s natural cell division, and is therefore an effective treatment for psoriasis.

Side effects from the use of cortisone creams include stinging, irritation , dryness, acne, enlarged blood vessels and loss of skin tone. This depends on the concentration of cortisone.

Tar for psoriasis

Coal tar can be used to treat psoriasis and is available both over the counter and by prescription in strengths from 1% to 5%.

The reason why tar is effective in the treatment of psoriasis due to tar reduces skin cell division , thereby reducing the incidence of psoriasis.

The side effects of tar treatment for psoriasis is that the skin becomes extremely sensitive to UV rays ( sun ), tar can cause irritation , smell bad and misfarvefarve clothes.

Phototherapy for Psoriasis

Exposure to UV light reduces skin cell production, thus effectively also can improve and even eliminate , psoriasis for a period.

The side effects of this treatment , however, skin aging extra fast skin’s immune system is reduced and you have a much greater risk of developing skin cancer .

The use of phototherapy for psoriasis is so effective , but the side effects are too great . This treatment should be used wisely or declined in favor of other therapies.

UVB rays for psoriasis

The major cause of skin aging and skin cancer are UVA rays emitted from the sun . Short term use of UVB radiation at the dermatologist, is a much safer way to treat psoriasis with light treatment.

UVB laser for psoriasis

A newer form of treatment for psoriasis are lasers that emit UVB light .

UVB laser works faster than sunlight or UVB irradiation and dramatic improvements seen already at 10 treatments – another very significant advantage is that UVB lasers can treat targeted areas and therefore need not expose more parts of the body for treatment (as with UVB rays , cited above).

Psoriasis and diet

Although there is no evidence that diet has an impact on psoriasis , many an extreme improvement in their psoriasis if they eat a lot more healthy foods in the form of vegetables , fruit, nuts , grains , fish and healthy oils .

To reduce the intake of sugar, fast carbs, meat and hot spices will also enhance the appearance of psoriasis.

It can be a great advantage to consume lots of fruits and vegetables with freshly squeezed juices and smoothies , as it can take many healthy foods that absorbed extra quickly in the body.

Have a nice day !

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