Acne and red skin

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Acne and red skin
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Author Mads Timmermann

Mads has 14+ years of experience as a skin expert and has written/read this article.

Question: “Acne and red skin”

Dear Mads. I’ve read a little of your 3 month long change of lifestyle, from a lot of acne to none and to really great skin.

Have suffered for many years from acne, and have tried anything from dermatologists to things and crèmes that I’ve found myself.

Have some scars from when I was younger and pressed my blemishes without knowing that I would have scars. It’s not really bad, but still noticeable.

Have thought a lot about maybe doing a roacotan cure, but then I read about the apricot cleansing lotion from Ole Henriksen and some other things. Thought that I should try using that for a while and hope that the acne will improve?

I eat pretty healthy myself and I do a little bit of sports.

Like I saw on your pictures, I too have a little redness around the butterfly area, have gotten some créme from a dermatologist that seems to be helping a little. Was told that you have to use for a little while to see, if it has any effect, like so many other things. Have used it for a couple of weeks now.

Also have some dark circles under my eyes and some blackheads on my nose.

Hope for an answer – and yes, I know there was a lot of questions and a lot of explanation :-)

Answer to: “Acne and red skin”

Dear Mikkel,

It is such a shame to hear about your skin! I know all too well the feeling of hopelessness and endless rollercoaster ride among products and skincare routines.

Roaccutan is a very harsh product, that I would not recommend to people as the first option. A healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise, which you seem to be doing, and in addition a mild skincare routine with the correct products can do a lot.

cleansing product cannot help directly with the acne. The only thing a cleansing product can do is to remove dirt, grime and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. And it is really, really important that your cleansing product is mild and does not contain any irritating ingredients (like the rest of your skincare products).

In addition to that, I would recommend you to buy Basiron 5 %, which contains Benzoyl Peroxide, which has an amazing effect on acne. Cleanse your face, dap it dry and apply Basiron in a very thin layer. Let the Basiron dry on your skin (approximately 5 minutes) and then use a light moisturizer to protect your skin. You can add an effective supplement to your skincare routine by using a product that contains either AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) once a day. These ingredients will increase the renewal of cells in your skin – BHA is by far the better choice, because it works in the deeper layers of your skin. For example, use it in the morning and then use Basiron 5 % in the evening.

In conclusion, you should use a crème with sunscreen during the day. Make sure that it protects against both UVB rays (SPF scale) and UVA rays (UVA protection must be written on the product).

I would recommend you to read my cure for acne, which is my simple step-by-step program for acne and blemishes, where you will receive:

  • Documented knowledge written in a language that is easy to understand
  • An easy step-by-step guide
  • Video guides, where I will tell you and show you how to do the different steps
  • A list of products so you can see, which products you can use to treat your skin

See my cure for acne here

The redness in your cheeks is probably irritation in your skin caused by using products in the past. As mentioned, do not use products that are too harsh (if a product feels prickly on your skin, it is too harsh) and protect your skin from outer influences (sunscreen and antioxidants).

Regarding the dark circles under your eyes, please read this article.

May you have good health and success!

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