The difference between skin care products with BHA and AHA

Skincare can be confusing and knowing the difference between ingredients like BHA and AHA isn't easy. Learn why we use BHA in our products!

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Question: “The difference between skin care products with BHA and AHA”

Hey Mads

I want to hear if you can help me. I’m a bit confused about BHA and AHA exfoliation! What’s the difference really and I can see that you do not have any products with AHA, how can it be? I am long pasted my fifties and suffer from dry rough skin and I also suffer from big black pores on my nose. However, I am in doubt about what is the best skin care for me. I have been told that products with AHA are best for older skin which is also dry. But what do you think Mads?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards

Answer to: “The difference between skin care products with BHA and AHA”

Hi Charlotte

I would love to help you!

Let me start by saying that if you’ve been told that AHA is best, it’s a big misunderstanding! The person has misinformed you and can’t have known enough about AHA and BHA. Nut let me tell you about which product is the best for everyone, but especially if you have older skin.

In general, AHA and BHA are a chemical exfoliation – an acid that is lubricated on the skin, and thereby helping to remove dead skin cells from the skin.

AHA works superficially and works with the outer skin layer. In short, AHA works on the outside of the skin.

BHA also works with the outer skin layer, in exactly the same way as AHA. However, BHA is also fat soluble so it can penetrate deeper into the skin’s pores – so the skin’s pores are cleansed – so BHA also works with the deeper skin layer of the skin. In short, BHA does wonders on several layers of the skin, both also inside and out.

– Actually, this should be enough argument for you if you want to get rid of the big black pores, the BHA really cleanses your skin, and of cause your skin pores! :-)

But … Just because BHA works with the skin on several levels, the BHA used works even with a much milder concentration, and still maintain the desired effect.

AHA is therefore required to be 7%, whereas BHA only needs to be 2% to achieve exactly the same external result. Thus BHA gives a much more mild treatment of the skin :-) In addition, BHA, as mentioned, also works with the deeper skin layers, which for older skin is FANTASTIC! Thus, BHA has the incredibly good feature that it also helps to reduce and treat wrinkles in the skin.

In addition, BHA – opposite to AHA – is both deep-cleasing, soothing and calming to the skin.

In short: AHA is good to use, but BHA is AMAZING to use!

BHA is in every area the absolute best ingredient for skin exfoliation! It is gentle and far more effective than anyone else.

– Read more about exfoliating the skin here.

Now I’m just advocating to always choose the best solution and the best ingredients for my products – and I never compromise on ingredients – so, of course, I do not have AHA in my skin care products, but only use BHA, also called Beta Hydroxy Acid or in Danish Salicylic Acid.

You’ll find Danish Skin Care’s product with salicylic acid here – in the form of Perfect Skin Power Treat, which is a product I’m sure you’ll really love:

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