Dark circles under the eyes

How can you REALLY treat dark circles under the eyes? Will skincare remove dark circles under your eyes? Get the answer here

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The best tips for dark circle treatment

Having dark circles under your eyes, making you look tired or sick, can be really frustrating.

Instead of spending money on eye crรจmes that claim to be able to remove dark circles under the eyes, you will receive some advice here to help you effectively prevent or hide the dark circles under your eyes.

Dark circles under the eyes are the result of sun damage, irritation, allergies, veins and capillaries under the skin, or the accumulation of dry skin cells. Dark circles can also be the natural shade of the skin when your eyes are deep-set.. Some of the reasons are genetic and some can be prevented.

Sunscreen is the way to go

Because UV rays from the sun produce a darker skin tone andโ€”worst case scenarioโ€”a permanent change in pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes will be even more visible.

Anything you do to protect the skin under your eyes will dramatically protect your skin so that dark circles are not produced.

You should use sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher daily around the eyes, and sunglasses will also protect your eyes from UV rays.

Hide with make-up

If you are one of those people who have permanent dark circles under your eyes, you can hide them by using make-up.

A matting concealer that is a shade lighter than the dark circles will effectively hide the problem.

Summary: Unfortunately there are no skin-care products that can remove dark circles under the eyes. Your best solution is to prevent and/or hide the problem.

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