How to best find your skin type and skin care?

Dry or oily skin? Do you also find it difficult to know your skin type? Then let us help and give you the best guide to care for your skin.

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Author Mads Timmermann

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Question: “How to best find your skin type and skin care?”

Hey Mads.

Thank you for your great advice and guidance. I love that you share so much fantastic information for free! :-)

However, I would like to ask you a question. How do I know if I have oily or dry skin?

I would like to try your skin care series, but I just do not know which skin type I have.

Best wishes

Answer to: “How to best find your skin type and skin care?”

Hi, Jannie

Nobody can actually know it better than yourself :-D

But I would certainly like to help you! So you can figure out your skin type yourself – but let me just start by defining skin type.

The skin type ONLY says something about your skin’s moisture balance – if you have acne, freckles, delicate or sensitive skin. Or if you have black, white or yellow skin has NOTHING to do about your skin type. The first are skin problems – and the last is innate beauties! :-)

When assessing your skin type, it is actually VERY easy. Simply look, feel and touch your skin.

Do you feel your skin needs moisture, maybe your skin is tight and you feel your skin is too “small” for your face. ” Then you need moisture and should choose the creams for “normal to dry skin”

Do you feel that your skin is greasy, shining and sticking. Then you need minimal moisture and should choose the creams for “normal to oily skin”.

With the Danish Skin Care skincare series, you let your skincare products do all the work completely! Simply choose whether you are mostly dry or greasy. Danish Skin Care skincare series is STUFFED with vitamins and minerals for the skin that will really boost and nourish your skin in the absolute best way. Like my series effectively helps against acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pigmentation, sun damage, scars, wrinkles – and obviously cares for the skin with anti-aging ingredients.

Likewise, I and Danish Skin Care see all skin, as delicate and sensitive. Therefore, all of my products are 100% free from perfume, colorants and irritating ingredients. The products are very effective, but nevertheless very gentle.

– You can order a complete skin care kit for your skin type here:

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