Should you use skin tonic or skin and face toner?

It is actually a simple question to answer! But did you know that a skincare routine can be simple and still awesome? Get the answers here!

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Question: “Should you use skin tonic or skin and face toner?”

Hey Mads

I’ve looked a little on your complete skin care kit and wondered why you directly after face washing say that you should put cream (or Smooth skin treatment) on the skin without using a skin tonic first. I makes me a bit confused!

I have always been told that you need to use skin tonic after washing as it closes the pores. I really hope you can enlighten me about it :)


Answer to: “Should you use skin tonic or skin and face toner?”

Hi Ulrikke

It is really nice to hear that you want to get started with my skin care series and Danish Skin Care products – and great that you have already looked into my skin care series. They are really GREAT products :-D

And I would love to clarify our products and skin care routine and try to answer your questions. I am super glad for your questions! :-D

Skin Tonic is a little old-fashioned way to think about skin care. Today skin tonic is not a necessary part of any good skincare routine.

The most important feature skin tonic has is removing soap residues from the skin. But today, you do not use soap in good cleansing products, instead you use some cleansing ingredients. Soap – or better known as sulfo – is extremely irritating and harsh to the skin, so it was important to use skin tonic to remove the last soap residues from the skin.

At the same time, skin tonic should add extra moisture to the skin, because the soap in cleansing products cause the skin to become dry.

Now we don’t use soap in any of our Danish Skin Care products – because, we don’t use drying or skin irritating ingredients. Neither do we use any perfumes, dyes, parabens or other harmful chemicals – so skin tonic is absolutely unnecessary if you use good skincare! :-)

– You can read more about our attitude towards ingredients here.

The day and night creams also include enough moisture for your skin, so you do not need skin tonic to make sure your skin gets enough moisture. Simply select our products based on your skin type, if your skin is dry or greasy during the day – then the products will care for your skin optimally :-D

A complete skin care kit from Danish Skin Care has a life span of approximately 3 months, so the products are really effective in use – and the best thing is that they are really easy to use. You don’t have to think about or buy unnecessary eye creme, masks, spottreatment etc. And of course you don’t need a skin tonic! ;-)

You get all the products and ingredients your skin needs! Just follow our simple routine and don’t think about eye cream, masks, spot-treatments and skin tonic they are “built-into” the series. In addition, the series is 100% free from perfumes, dyes and skin irritating ingredients.

– Get the right skin care kit for your skin type here.

I hope it was an answer to your question – and I have made it clear why you do not need to use skin tonic. An added bonus of dropping skin tonic is of course that you quickly save a lot of money. Plus you also save the time it takes to use a skin tonic! :-)

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