Skincare and Isotretinoin treatment

A Isotretinoin(Roaccutan) treatment can be really hard for your body and skin! So be prepared and let these precautions ease your treatment.

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Question: “Skincare and Isotretinoin treatment”

Hey Mads.

I will start with the Isotretinoin (Accutane) cure next week and i would like to know how I best fit my Danish Skin Care skincare series into the Isotretinoin treatment? Should I completely stop using Perfect Skin Power Treat and one use the Day Cream and Night Cream? I am a bit confused, so I really hope you can help me! :-D

I have also invested in your lipstick, because I have heard that one of the side effects from the Isotretinoin treatment is really dry lips! ;)

The Day Creme and Night Creme can also be used elsewhere on the body, right?


Answer to: “Skincare and Isotretinoin treatment”

Hi Daniel

It sounds exciting and it is great that you are doing something to treat you skin problems :-D I really hope that the Isotretinoin treatment aren’t too hard on you.

Make sure to focus on eating healthy, and get as many healthy oils in your diet – eat a lot of fatty fish so you also get oils from the inside … This way you reduce the chances of your body and skin drying out.

– Read more about Isotretinoin treatment for acne and pimples here.

And super cool that you have already prepared yourself for you upcoming Isotretinoin treatment with my FANTASTIC lip balm. You lips will love it and they will definitely need it :-D

And yes, it would be great to use the Danish Skin Care products all over your body – and finally use the creams (especially in the evening) a little like a face mask, where you give your skin a good layer. This will hopefully prevent the skin from cracking and getting too dry :-)

Perfect Skin Power Treat is still great for your skin, but just use it 2-3 times a week :-D But remember to go back to your normal routine when you are done with the Isotretinoin treatment! :-D

So your daily routine should look like this:


– Perfect Skin Face Wash – The Blue
– Perfect Skin Day Protector – The Orange


– Perfect Skin Face Wash – The Blue
– Perfect Skin Moisturizer – The Green

And 2-3 times a week, you use Perfect Skin Power Treat – The Red – in the evening, just as you would normally do.

Also, be sure to get started with Perfect Skin Power Treat every night – when the Isotretinoin treatment is over … your skin will love it. And Perfect Skin Power Treat will also help your skin, so you quickly get a nice beautiful skin after Isotretinoin treatment! :-D

Good luck with the treatment! :-D

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