What sunscreen should you use and what about the sun protection factor?

Higher numbers isn't always better and higher SPF doesn't equal better sun protection! Confused? Don't despair, we will guide and help you.

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Question: “What sunscreen should you use and what about the sun protection factor?”

Hi Mads

Thank you for some super great products. I’m really happy to get started with Danish Skin Care products, but I have to say I was pretty skeptical before I bought and tried them! But your way of telling and informing about skin care and skin problems, is just so unique, that I just had to try them! :-D

But I wonder, why don’t Danish Skin Care have a sunscreen for the body? At the same time, I would also like to ask you, why do your face cream only contain sun protection factor 15? Didn’t your old day cream, which recently was updated, contain SPF 30? Why have you turned down the SPF in your day cream? SPF 15 does not sound like a lot of protection for the skin?

Lots of love

Answer to: “What sunscreen should you use and what about the sun protection factor?”

Hi Rebekka

Thank you for all your feedback – it is really great to hear that you are happy with the Danish Skin Care products :-D

And actually we will soon sell a body cream with SPF – but without revealing more, I would recommend that you keep an eye on our newsletter in the next couple of months ;-)

Regarding your questions about Perfect Skin Day Protector and sun protection factor 15. Its actually a deliberate choice we have made, so just let me tell you a little about our preseason for making Perfect Skin Day Protector with sun protection factor 15. :-D

SPF 15 is actually what the Danish Cancer Society recommends … as SPF 30 or higher is not really necessary. It is far more important to focus on the right amount of sunscreen!

Until recently, solar factor 30 has been widely used – and perhaps this has caused a little confusion among many users … However, new production methods and new solar filters has made it so that sun protection factor 15 is quite enough. Also in very small amounts.

I can best describe it like this – in comparison to the former Danish Skin Care facial cream you had to use 4 – 5 pumps to get a SPF 30 protection. So if you only used 2 pumps you would only get sun protection factor 15 …

But new production methods and new solar filters have made it possible for you to get actual sun protection factor 15, with only 1 – 2 pumps of Perfect Skin Day Protector! :-)

And SPF 15 is what you should use :-) SPF 15 is what the Danish Cancer Society recommends and what is best for your skin :-)

In addition, I can add that the higher the sun protection factor, the greater risk is of skin irritation – so a higher sun protection factor is really not good for the skin.

In addition, the sun protection factor only indicates the amount of time you can stay in the sun – with solar factor 15 it is approximately 6 hours … And you really shouldn’t stay in the sun any longer before you seek shadow :-D

The really important part with sunscreens is that there are both UVA and UVB sun filters – and with a sunscreen with sun protection factor 15 and both UVA and UVB filters, you are protected against 96% of the sun’s harmful rays.

If you use a sunscreen with sun protection factor 30 – where there is a lot higher risk of skin irritation – then protection has only increased to 97%

So you pay a great price to get 1% more protection.

Sunscreen with sun protection factor 50 also protects 97%, and protects the skin for 12-18 hours … but who actually stays in the sun for such a long time? … Plus sunscreen with sun protection factor 50 should not be used by anyone who has skin problems, allergy or sensitive skin – As SPF 50 is REALLY irritating to the skin – and can cause allergies.

But I definitely understand your confusion about sunscreens, sun protection factor and sun protection – it’s really a subject that many people have opinions about and have personal recommendations.

However, my recommendation is that you always follow scientific evidence on what works – that way you are best assured :-) And sunscreen with UVA, UVB and sun protection factor 15, is what research says is best for the skin!

But ALWAYS remember to get sunscreen with UVA and UVB solar filters

– You can read more about sunscreen, sun protection factor and sun protection here.

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