Treatments that can remove scars

Usually different skin treatments promises too much, so let's debunk all the myths surrounding treatments of acne scars. Learn more now.

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Question: “Treatments that can remove scars”

Hey Mads

With the risk of sounding a little like a stalker, I think I LOVE you! Or at least I love your skincare products :-D

Danish Skin Care has really helped me a lot! It completely eliminated my acne and my really disgusting pimples.

And I’m also just really crazy about Danish Skin Care and your amazing energy and helpfulness. I am reading all your newsletters! It is so wonderful to get advice and guidance to care for yourself, while always doing it in a fun and witty way. I am always sitting with a big smile after reading one of your newsletters – or watching one of your always quirky movies :-)

One of my girlfriends is making jokes about you being Ole Henriksen no. 2 :-) But for me, you are definitely no. 1 :-D

Okay! Before this gets too creepy, I’d better start asking my question. I really hope you will take your time to answer it.

The thing is that I have 5-6 pretty deep scars on my one cheek. Maybe I’ve been a fiddling too much with my pimples. Now the pimples – thanks to the amazing Danish Skin Care – has disappeared but the scars are still there as sad reminders that I once had really ugly skin. I’m also having a hard time hiding my scars because they are so deep. So even though I’m using foundation, my skin is still uneven.

So the question is which treatments are available for the treatment of scars?

I would love to hear your recommendations, so I can get rid of my scars and really just be completely happy with my mirror image.

Thanks in advance – and thank you again for at least helping me get rid of my pimples :-)


Answer to: “Treatments that can remove scars”

Hi, Katrine

I just LOVE your email! Many thanks for your incredibly sweet words :-D

Just be my stalker, then you would be my first :-D Then we can be each other’s No. 1 … hehe …

But lets put the joking aside! I’m really glad to hear that you’ve gotten rid of your pimples. I know how enormously frustrating it is to wake up every morning with the face full of pimples – and when you just want to have a blemish-free skin. And that’s despite the fact that you for weeks, months and years have struggled with pimples and spent a lot of time – and not least many different products for the treatment of pimples.

So I’m always hugely happy when I hear from all the many wonderful people i help to get rid of their acne, pimples and unclean skin. Exactly like myself, FINALLY they got rid of their pimples.

And I would love to help you with advice and guidance on how to treat your scars.

Unfortunately, scars after acne are quite normal. It is actually very normal to experience scars in those areas where you have had a lot of pimples or acne. And unfortunately there are a lot of really bad products on the market, which are absolutely no good for the skin. On the contrary! There are really many products that promise to help remove scars that just make it worse – or even worse, create new pimples and acne outbreaks.

Most people who experience scars and scars after acne get them on their cheeks – or at least in those areas where they have had the most pimples. Like on the forehead and the cheeks. And many also experience scars on the back and upper arms where pimples are also very normal.

But the scars on the shoulders and upper arms most people can easily hide and therefore they do not fully think about the scars, in the same way. It is Quite the opposite when the scars are in the face. When you are looking at the face after pimples, you’re just constantly watching – and as you mentioned, they become a sad reminder that the skin is not perfect yet.

Now, you mention that you may have been fiddling too much with your pimples. And you therefore think that this is the reason for your scars. Before I start discussing the methods you can use to treat scars after pimples, I should try to change your preconceived notion about the reason for your scars.

You’re not getting scars just because you are pressing a pimple. In fact, it may be a good idea to press your pimples when they become big and yellow. Precisely because the pressure from the pimple can cause damage and scars on the skin. In fact pressing a yellow and inflamed pimple can help increase healing.

But of course, you should never go around fiddling, pressing and squeezing your pimples constantly. If you continue to fiddle and press the same pimple again and again, there is a risk that you may “dig” a hole in the skin. This hole can become a scar.

Most scars after pimples are, however, naturally caused by the pimple and that you are bothered by acne. And it has nothing to do with your fiddling and pressing your pimples.

Having said that, you should not go around fiddling, pressing and squeezing every pimple. You should only press and squeeze pimples when they have become a large yellow and inflamed pimple! When this happens, its time to go in front of the mirror. Wash your fingers. Press and squeeze the pimple gently, so a hole in the pimple is created. It’s a mistake to believe that “ALL” the bacteria and puss should be squeezed out and that a little blood should come out of the hole in the pimple. In fact, you only need to create a small hole in the pimple and tats is. Then wash your skin and finish off with a soothing product that contains calming ingredients – it would be beneficial to use Perfect Skin Power Treat.

But lets get back to your question about how to remove scars after pimples! :-D

So when the damage has occurred and you have scars after pimples and acne.

– I should just point out, that the following instructions for treating scars after pimples apply to all types of scars. Whether it’s scars caused by pimples and acne or other things, the treatment is the same.


And now let me just tell you how you can remove scars after pimples. There are different methods of treating scars and below I will try to describe the different treatments to remove scars after pimples so you can get rid of your scars and hopefully get the skin that you want.

Sadly scars from pimples and acne rarely disappears by itself, and therefore treatment is required if you want to be free of scars on your face. However, this claim is not entirely true, because your skin cells are constantly changing and you will therefore naturally get rid of some of your scars with time. So if you only have very small scars, then the skin can easily remove the scars by itself. On the other hand, if you have many scars or deep scars, then it will take a lot of time to get rid of scars after pimples naturally – it would take at least several decades. Thats a really long time, and only a few wants to wait that long – and therefore treatment of scars after pimples, is a really good thing.

You can of course always try to hide the scars using creams, concealers and foundations. But it will just be a temporary solution, and the scars will still be there. And as you mention, your scars are so deep that you do not feel that you can easily hide them.

But if you can settle with hiding your scars, I would recommend this to you – while taking care of the skin with good skin care products and let the skin fix the problem by itself.

Treatment of scars demands a long treatment period and before we go on, I would like to add that the treatment of deep scars is a painful, slow and can be quite expensive one. In any case, if you want a treatment that works – and not just fall into the group of the many products that promise to help and never do anything good then continue reading.

In the following I will describe the different treatments for the removal of scars that work. I will mention skin peeling, diamond peeling, laser treatment, sanding, exfoliation and skin injections. Of these, the permanent solutions are skin peeling / diamond peeling, laser treatment and peeling / exfoliating.

Injections into the skin of saline or filler are only cosmetic treatments of scars and will require maintenance. However, I would like to mention this treatment anyway, as it works here and now – and for many it can be a really good option.


Initially, however, I would like to put up a fight with the currently popular dermarollers, which promise to remove scars from the skin. A dermaroller is sold as a pretty cheap treatment for scarring.

The reason why I will talk a little about dermarolles, which works by making lots of small dots in the skin, is that many people constantly write to me and ask if dermarolles are good at removing scars.

NO! I really can not recommend dermarolles for the removal of scars. I really can not recommend a dermaroller for any skin treatment.

The same applies to the – even very modern – automatic face brushes that scrub and scrub the skin.

Neither face brushes nor dermarolles have any effect whatsoever when treating scars. On the contrary, a face brush and a dermaroll will possibly cause a of worsening of your skin. Your skin may be irritated, red and you may risk provoking a violent outbreak of acne and pimples.

In addition, dermarolles with the small needles that pierce the skin are almost destructive to all young skin. I will actually go as far as saying that dermarolles can be the direct cause of more wrinkles!

And let me justify this rather violent assertion. Everyone has probably heard of anti-oxidants today, which help ensure a youthful skin. In general, anti-oxidants act to counteract skin irritation – it is similar to the name of “anti” (something we do not want) and “oxidants” (Latin for oxygen). Translated, “antioxidants” mean that we do not want oxygen for the skin.
Now, with a dermaroller lots of tiny holes in the connective tissue of the skin is created, and the skin becomes vigorously vulnerable to oxygen entering the skin, thus breaking down collagen, connective tissue and thus creating wrinkles.

So face brushes and dermarollers are NOT the way to treat scars!


Sanding of the skin to remove scars – or just derma sanding for the treatment of scars. Skin removal for scars is a treatment for acne scars that are also being used to remove wrinkles and make the skin fresh / youthful again. It’s a very okay method to remove scars after acne / pimples. However, the method is far from as effective as laser removal for scars – as I elaborate later.

Skin sanding works by removing the top layer of skin, after which the skin automatically creates a new layer of skin that should be nicer and with fewer scars. Skin sanding often happens with diamonds – also called diamond peeling / diamond treatment – and it is done with a machine with a fast rotating diamond wheel moving over the skin. Depending on how rough the wheel is, your doctor will achieve a smaller or greater effect. The procedure usually takes about half an hour to an hour and the skin is either frozen or anesthetized first.

However, skin removal for scarring can only be recommended for really severe cases of scars, as it is a relatively risky procedure. The doctor must not grind too deeply as it may cause more and more scars, and the scars will look worse than before the treatment. Sanding the skin is also very painful and therefore you will be locally or fully anesthetized during the treatment itself.

It is highly recommended that skin sanding is done in autumn or winter. The skin shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight for several months after the treatment. The exact duration depends on how long before the skin reaches its normal pigmentation again.

Skin abrasion (dermabrasion) can be expected to cost between 5,000 and 15,000 DKK depending on the size. And it should be mentioned that more treatment may be required.

In relation to sanding of the skin to remove scars, I would just like to stress again that this really should only be done in the most severe cases of scars. Now I have not seen the size of the 5-7 scars on your cheek, but I would not recommend skin sanding immediately.

More specifically, it should be said that skin sanding should only be done if it is done on the entire face – or larger areas where you can “hide” the transitions near the edges of your face, hairline and the like. Skin sanding should be regarded as “replacing” the skin in the area where the skin sanding takes place – more precisely the treatment forces the body to create new skin, and there is always a high risk of colour differences between the old and the new skin.


When injecting material under the scar, it brings the scar and skin to the surface. Collagen is often used and sometimes even one’s own fat is used and today other materials are also being investigated for use.

Something as simple as saline with the body’s salt value can also be injected into the skin and help reduce scars.

During the procedure with saltwater injections, saline is sprayed into the scar which causes new collagen formations. Four to five sessions, every few weeks apart, are normal and creates the best results. Again, this is a cosmetic removal of scars, and after the first 5-6 sessions, and a few months has passed, saline should periodically be injected into the skin to maintain the effect from the previous treatments.

In comparison to the other mentioned treatment of scars, injections are definitely the cheapest. It does not take long to get done at a dermatologist / skin clinic / plastic surgeon and costs just a few hundred danish kroner – for each treatment. The benefits of the injections – and why I mention them, even though they are not permanent – are that in correlations with the injections one can focus on skincare with good skin care products filled with anti-oxidants and make sure to use a daily exfoliation with salicylic acid (e.g. Such as Perfect Skin Power Treat). The injections keep the skin neat, and at the same time you treat your scars with good products which slowly remove your scars – so that you in time can drop the injections over a few years and then be free of your scars.


There are several different types of laser treatments that can be used to remove scars from acne.

CO2 laser treatments of acne scars is one of the most effective forms of laser treatment. A CO2 laser treatment is only done on the face and is even effective against moderate to severe scars from acne and pimples. During the treatment, a CO2 laser is used to warm the skin and remove the outermost layers of skin cells.

After a treatment, you shouldn’t expose the skin to direct sunlight for three to six months. This you should really take seriously if you choose laser treatment for your scars – otherwise you may end up with a far worse result and risk getting pigment changes in your skin as your skin is extremely thin and sensitive to sunlight. That’s why, even if you’re out of the sun, you’ll have to use daily sunscreen on the face and provide UVA and UVB sunscreen. So be sure to use a day cream with a sun factor of 15-30 and with UVA and UVB sun filters, such as. Danish Skin Care Day Creams.

With a laser treatment of the skin there is also a risk that you can not get as brown as before in the treated area.

A treatment with CO2 laser is expected to cost between 10,000 and 35,000 DKK depending on the scope – and there will be more treatments, so be sure to get a package price your entire treatment. You are going to need several treatments, and that should be reflected in the price.

In relation to the treatment of scars with laser it should also be mentioned that it is a slow process. As mentioned above, you will need several treatments with 1 – 3 months between each treatment, so a treatment process with laser can easily extend over a couple of years.

– Click here to read more about laser treatment of scars after pimples.


Finally, there’s the daily peeling – it’s not as effective as the above mentioned treatments and it will not work “here and now”, but it will gradually improve your skin.

It is important to mention that exfoliation and peeling treatment of scars should take place with a mild daily exfoliation – that is, a product that can be used daily on the skin. It’s too hard for the skin if you do a weekly or monthly masks, scrubs and the like. The effect on scars is also not so good, and you also have to consider the risk of over treatment, and this is not recommended.

So, despite the fact that there are many cosmetologists offering fruit acid treatments and other types of exfoliation or peeling of the skin, I would strongly discourage you from doing this! It is a daily exfoliation that works – when it comes to treating scars after pimples.

Danish Skin Care has a really great daily exfoliation Perfect Skin Power Treat. Perfect Skin Power Treat is based on a BHA, which gives the absolute best fruit acid treatment.

Perfect Skin Power Treat has a really good effect on scars and will improve your skin on a daily basis and reduce the amount of scars, but if you a suffering with really deep scars it will take a long time – and laser treatment may be needed to remove the deepest scars. But scars on the surface of the skin, Perfect Skin Power Treat can easily solve the problem just as fast as a laser treatment. The advantage of Perfect Skin Power Treat is, unlike laser, that Perfect Skin Power Treat is not painful. Perfect Skin Power Treat will not cause the skin to become red for a period, as laser will do it. And with a Perfect Skin Power Treat you can stay in the sun.

– You can read more about Perfect Skin Power Treat for the treatment of scars after pimples here:

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