Will stress cause blemishes and acne?

Have you stress? Do you then get pimples and acne? Get the truth about stress associated with acne, blemishes and pimples here

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Question: “Will stress cause blemishes and acne?”

Hi Mads,

I turn 17 this coming Friday.
I’ve had really bad skin for a few months now, it started just before the summer holiday. I have small blackheads and small red spots, small yellow spots and big, infected blemishes and I think I have tried just about everything.
My skin has a tendency to be greasy, for example if I use crèmes containing oils, but at the same time my skin becomes really dry if I use products without ANY oil.
So, it’ super hard for me to find one specific series of products and a skincare routine, that fits me.

I’ve tried products from Clinique, Ole H, Murad, Dermalogica’s Clean Start and something else, that I can’t remember the of.
I don’t pick at my blemishes and acne, because I think it’s so disgusting.
But maybe I should press my blackheads, before they become blemishes, or should I just leave them be?
I use a scrub with AHA and BHA from Murad.
I eat healthily, exercise, don’t smoke, very seldom drink, and in general I think that I’m a pretty healthy person.

I’ve used birth control pills for approximately 2 years, and after I started my skin didn’t change, so I don’t think that’s the cause.

I have been feeling really stressed since Christmas, but I’m not anymore.
Could that be the cause?

I hope you can help :-)

Nanna :-)

Answer to: “Will stress cause blemishes and acne?”

Dear Nanna,

Unfortunately, acne can be made much worse by hormonal changes in our body, and since stressful situations will increase the hormonal levels in your body, stress can certainly affect our skin and cause acne.

If you are interested in the correct treatment for your acne, I would recommend your to read my cure for acne, there you will find all the answers that you are looking for.

Have a fantastic day! And congratulation on your 17teen :-)

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