Acne โ€“ addicted to junk food

Treatment of acne and impure skin is a possibility. Danish Skin Care helps, with dependence on unhealthy food

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Question: โ€œAcne โ€“ addicted to junk foodโ€

Hi Mads. I suffer fromย really bad acne, itโ€™s being pointed out to me at least 5 times a week.

Iโ€™m almost 15, and still I havenโ€™t understood the reason for healthy food. I consume a lot of sweets and sodas. I think itโ€™s bordering on addiction.

Right now, I use basiron, but without any real results.

Hope you have some good advice! โ€“Marius

Answer to: โ€œAcne โ€“ addicted to junk foodโ€

Dear Marius,

Thank you so much for your question about treating acne and healthy food.

You are at an age where your hormones are really unfolding. It is a great time where your voice breaks and you become a real man with chest hair and all that :-) Unfortunately many experience having acne as well because of the major instability caused by hormones.

When you eat a lot of unhealthy things, it will have a negative effect on your body, and some people will have reactions like acne. So I will recommend you to avoid dairy products and sugar for a month to see if that will have a positive effect on your skin.

Regarding your addiction to unhealthy foods, I would advise you to ask yourself some questions: What do you feel when you eat unhealthy food? Can you get this feeling in a different way? Will you lose anything by eating more healthy food?

I commend you for using Basiron for your acne already. But please use the mild version with only 5 %, since that will work just as good on your acne. For more information and my video guide see myย Cure for acne here.

In conclusion, I wish you a really great day with much joy and energy!

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