This is how you avoid pimples on the back: How do you remove pimples on the back?

Having a lot of pimples on the back, isn't funny and they aren't summer friendly. So let us guide and help you with treatments and skincare.

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Question: “This is how you avoid pimples on the back: How do you remove pimples on the back?”

Hi Mads

My back is filled with pimples, how do I treat most pimples on my back?

I already use Danish Skin Care skincare products in the face and it has helped tremendously! Over the four months I have used your Danish Skin Care skincare products, I have received much fewer pimples. I get a new pimple now and then, but it’s not in the same way as before, where I had a lot of inflamed pimples.

I am really excited about the results on my face and now I just want to get rid of all the pimples on my back. Soon it will be summer and I would like to be able to walk at the beach without a t-shirt on, without having to be embarrassed by my many inflamed pimples on my back.

Can I use the Danish Skin Care skincare products on my back also? Or do I need to get some other products to treat the pimples and acne on my back? If so, what products should I use. Just want to quickly remove my pimples on my back.

I hope you can help!

Best regards Mathias

Answer to: “This is how you avoid pimples on the back: How do you remove pimples on the back?”

Hi Mathias

It is really nice to hear that you just after four months of use of my skin care products is having better and more beautiful skin. It’s fantastic!

Please continue! Then the last pimples on your face will probably soon disappear :-)

If you want an even faster treatment of your pimples and effectively remove acne, so you can quickly get rid of your pimples? Then I strongly recommend you to check the link below, where I give a lot of advice for proper treatment of acne.

– Get FREE advice on how to remove pimples and acne quickly

It also tells you what you should eat to eliminate pimples. Plus I tell you the foods that causes pimples – that is, telling you which food you should not eat. There are namely some foods that gives pimples. You might think pizza, candy and cola gives pimples?

The truth is that it is not really pizza that causes acne, but there is food that gives pimples! And I tell you what food gives pimples, if you watch the films from the link above – it is of course absolutely free to look at :-)

In regard to your pimples on your back, I would really love to help you – so you can be ready for the summer – without pimples and acne on your back :-)

Below I’ve made a guide for you on how to remove pimples on your back.

But let me first answer your question, if you can use Danish Skin Care products to remove pimples – or if you need a special skin care products to remove pimples on your back.

The answer is that OF COURSE you can use Danish Skin Care products to remove pimples on your back!

Pimples are pimples – no matter where on the body they are. And the treatment of acne is the same whether it is acne on the back, pimples on the face, pimples in the neck or pimples elsewhere on the body.

Then lets guide you on how to treat the pimples on you back …


Further down I will return to how to avoid pimples on your back – but let’s start out by removing the pimples you already have. Subsequently, we look at how to prevent new pimples on your back.


Just like you wash your face morning and evening, so you should wash your back at least once, and preferably twice a day.

It is certainly easier if you wash your skin when you take a shower in the morning or evening and after you have exercised. Otherwise, you can easily wash your back with a soft washcloth.

But you should wash your hole back at least once a day – preferably twice a day, where one time is with a washcloth. And of course it’s in the morning and evening you should wash your back, to remove dirt and sweat from the skin and thereby quickly remove your pimples on your back.

You should not wash more than twice on a daily basis – of course you need to wash again, if you’ve been exercising. Conversely, maybe you can then skip the evening wash and just perform your evening routine to treat your pimples already after training.

Excessive washing of the skin can result in the skin becoming even more impure.

When washing your back, use a mild washing product – always without perfumes, dyes and other skin irritants. It may well be advantageously to use Perfect Skin Face Wash when washing your back.

Below i would also just point out that it is hugely important that you ALWAYS wash the sweat off the back (and off the rest of the skin) just after you finish playing sports. Sweat which sits on the body without being washed off, can block the pores, resulting in acne and thus more pimples on your back.


Once a day you should use a product with salicylic acid on your back – also called beta hydroxy acid or shortened BHA. Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin and helps to remove impurities. Furthermore salicylic acid ensures to remove dead skin cells from the skin, which may be clogging your pores and create new pimples.

And daily exfoliation of the skin with salicylic acid also helps to keep the skin’s pores clean and deep cleaned – thereby you drastically reduce the risk of getting pimples really efficiently.

– Perfect Skin Power Treat contains salicylic acid is great for treating pimples!

In addition to salicylic acid Perfect Skin Power Treat contains numerous other ingredients that are really good at removing and treating pimples – furthermore, Perfect Skin Power Treat besides being a daily exfoliation with salicylic acid also has soothing benefits!

I would definitely recommend that you start to use Perfect Skin Power Treat on your back when you have showered and washed the skin with Perfect Skin Face Wash – thereby your skin is optimally prepared with Perfect Skin Face Wash, to the subsequent treatment with Perfect Skin Power Treat.


Many believe that the creams only benefit is to provide moisture, but that is not true! A good cream contains lots of vitamins, minerals and active ingredients that will effectively care for and treat the skin.

When you have pimples and acne on your back, and would like to treat the pimples on the back, then you should make sure to ALWAYS lubricate the back with a cream to remove pimples on your back when you have washed your back.

The times where you use Perfect Skin Power Treat, then of course the cream should go on top of the other cream. Just wait two minutes after Perfect Skin Power Treat, so the product is drawn into the skin before you lubricate the cream on your back.

My Perfect Skin Moisturizer is a cream designed to treat acne and I would strongly recommend that you use Perfect Skin Moisturizer to remove pimples on your back, if you want quick results.

Now you’re already using skin care series in the face and you might know Perfect Skin Moisturizer, as your night cream. The only difference between day and Night Cream is sunscreen – and on the back is not really necessary with sunscreen. Of course, you should remember to lubricate your back with sunscreen and sun protection if you do not have clothes on, but we have cloths on the most of the time :-)

Perfect Skin Moisturizer is brilliant for removing pimples and works really well on the back as the product contains dozens of ingredients that remove pimples – including vitamins.



Also I promised you some tricks to avoid pimples on your back in the future, you will get them here:

  • Keep your clothes clean as old sweat cause pimples
  • Drop milk and other dairy products because milk and dairy products cause pimples
  • Always clean your workout clothes as bacteria and sweat gives acne
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing, as tight clothes can cause pimples and blemishes due to irritation of the skin

It can also be a good idea to chose your hair styling product with care, as it may cause pimples. Especially if you use a lot of hair styling product and when you sweat is running down your back, it can cause pimples.

Good luck with the treatment! If you follow it closely, then you should probably be ready for the summer without pimples on your back :-)

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