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Question: “Benzoyl Peroxid”

I’m 21 and have suffered from acne since age 12. Over the years, my skin has improved, which is probably because of lesser levels of hormones.

I’m very fixated on my skin and sometimes this obsession overtakes my logical sense, which makes me want to press every single blemish on my face. This terrible habit has left my face with a lot of scarring – both indentations and red spots. I seldom have big, infected blemishes, but my face is troubles by countless whiteheads and blackheads, small blemishes and scars.

I’ve read your Cure for Acne and I would like to try it. The problem is that I’m very allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide. It makes my skin sensitive and bright red for days and eventually my skin starts to peel.

I’ve read somewhere that you can make your skin used to the substance, if you wash it off a certain amount of minutes after applying it to your skin. I just won’t dare to do it after my previous attempts. Which alternative can you recommend?

Answer to: “Benzoyl Peroxid”

Hi Simone,

Thanks for your question!

Benzoyl Peroxide is amazing for infected acne, but naturally only if you are not allergic to it.

Since you do not have infected acne and you cannot tolerate Benzoyl Peroxide, I will recommend exfoliating with either AH or BHA – BHA being the better choice , since it works in both the shallow and deeper levels of your skin.

For example, try my Perfect Skin Power Treat with BHA (2% Salicylic Acid). It will loosen the dead skin cells and so will create oxidation for your skin, so blemishes and blackheads will not appear as easily.

And please be careful with pressing your skin too much, it will only increase the irritation.

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