Benzoyl Peroxide treatment for acne and pimples

A Benzoyl Peroxide treatment can be good against acne and pimples! But do you know what you are missing out on? Click for better skin care!

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Question: “Benzoyl Peroxide treatment for acne and pimples”

Hi Mads

I am a big fan of your philosophy about skin care and treating acne, pimples and unclean skin. I really love that you try to make you skin care as easy and simple as possible – and I think it’s super cool that you seem so honest.

However, I have a question that I really hope you can help me with. I’m thinking about starting with your products. However, I don’t know if it would be better to chose a Benzoyl Peroxide treatment – which is a drug.

So what’s the difference between Benzoyl Peroxide creams and Danish Skin Care? You recommend four products for the treatment of pimples – but Benzoyl Peroxide cream is just one product, which is a little easier :-)

I am looking forward to hearing your reply.

Again thank you so much for your super good information!


Answer to: “Benzoyl Peroxide treatment for acne and pimples”

Hi Mette

Thank you very much for your incredibly sweet words! Nice to hear that you want to get started with Danish Skin Care – and I am sure you will love the products! :-D

I would like to try to answer your question – and explain to you what the difference between Benzoyl Peroxide creams and Danish Skin Care is.

Benzoyl Peroxide cream is a prescription drug for pimples. benzoyl Peroxide creams does not contain alcohol or perfume and can be combined with other acne products.

Benzoyl Peroxide creams open the pores in the skin and kills the bacteria. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to use Benzoyl Peroxide in skin care products, and the ingredient may only be used in medicines – however, the product can be purchased without a prescription.

However, it is important to note that Benzoyl Peroxide only works to fight pimples and acne. Or more precisely the red pimples and the yellow inflamed pimples. Benzoyl Peroxide creams does NOT work for the treatment of whiteheads, blackheads, cysts and the like.

And note, in addition to Benzoyl Peroxide cream, that they only consists of one active ingredient. You get much more out of a treatment – and of course a much better result – by combining several ingredients. So with four skin care products, each of which helps on several things, you can easily see that you will get better results and a more healthy skin! :-D

How should you use Benzoyl peroxide creams?

Before using Benzoyl Peroxide, the skin should be dry and clean. Therefore, thoroughly clean your skin before applying Benzoyl Peroxide cream. Already here, according to the instructions for correct use of benzoyl Peroxide, you understand that you should have a good face wash – so maybe you think that a Benzoyl Peroxide treatment is just one product? But you actually have to use another product besides the Benzoyl Peroxide cream, a good face wash. :-)

Use Benzoyl Peroxide once a day unless your doctor has prescribed otherwise. The dosage increases from one to two times a day, provided that your skin reacts well with the drug. If you have tender skin, you should only use Benzoyl Peroxide cream once a day, just before bedtime. You can get Benzoyl Peroxide cream with both 5% and 10% benzoyl peroxide. However, always choose Basiron 5%! I dont know why they produce Benzoyl Peroxide with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide! However, research has shown that Benzoyl Peroxide 5% is just as effective. So do not bother and irritate your skin by using a harsher product :-)

In addition, you will not get a faster or better result, using a larger amount of Benzoyl Peroxide cream. Finally, do not smear too thick layers on your skin – and do not use the product several times a day. A thin layer of Benzoyl Peroxide 5% once daily should be more than enough.

If you experience no effect after 6-8 weeks, you should stop using the product. In addition, you should not use Benzoyl Peroxide creams for more than three months at a time. Then you should take a similar break from the product before starting with the product again, even if you feel the need to kill the last impurities.

My recommendation for Benzoyl Peroxide products is always that you first try to treat your acne, pimples and unclean skin with skin care. Benzoyl Peroxide creams is a drug – and when it comes to skin problems, then medicines should never be the first solution. Benzoyl peroxide is also a fairly harsh product – so it should not be used in skin care.

When you use Benzoyl Peroxide your skin will dry out and benzoyl peroxide also has a bleaching effect on the skin, so your skin will become gray and boring. Therefore, I always recommend that you use Danish Skin Care skin care products for three months in accordance with the following routine:


– Perfect Skin Face Wash – The Blue
– Perfect Skin Day Protector – The Orange


– Perfect Skin Face Wash – The Blue
– Perfect Skin Power Treat – The Red
– Perfect Skin Moisturizer – The Green

If you after three months with Danish Skin Care products are not seeing a clear and good improvement compared to your pimples, then you could consider starting with Benzoyl Peroxide cream,. Empirically, it is very few who do not experience a good improvement and that’s why very few of our customers choose to start with a Benzoyl Peroxide treatment.

But if your skin is not improving after three months with Danish Skin Care products, then I recommend Benzoyl Peroxide 5%, to put a little more effort in your treatment and kill the last pimples! :-)

– Read more about Benzoyl Peroxide treatment for acne, pimples and unclean skin here

The alternative is to give it time, because Danish Skin Care products will remove the pimples – but combating pimples and skin problems just take time. So even though it can be difficult, good skin care and patience are often the best solution for your skin.

If you choose to use Benzoyl Peroxide creams, your skin care routine should look like this:


– Perfect Skin Face Wash: A cleansing product that gently and efficiently removes dirt, grease and sweat. Wash the face (possibly under the shower), foam a little product into the hands and rub it in. Rinse with plenty of water and pat dry the face.

– Perfect Skin Power Treat: A daily exfoliation that will effectively remove dead skin cells from your skin, thereby helping to smooth out bumps, wrinkles and remove discolourations / pigment changes. At the same time, the product has a really good effect against pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. The product is both deep cleansing, reparing and soothing. Use the product by dripping it on a a cotton pad (or in the palm of your hand) and rub it on the face.

Perfect Skin Day Protection: A day cream filled with good vitamins and minerals that will help to rebuild and protect the skin throughout the day. UVA / UVB filter.


– Perfect Skin Face Wash: A cleansing product that gently and efficiently removes dirt, grease and sweat. Wash the face (possibly under the shower), foam a little product into the hands and rub it in. Rinse with plenty of water and pat dry the face.

– Perfect Skin Moisturizer: A night cream filled with good vitamins and minerals that will help to rebuild and protect your skin all night – and really boost your skin.

– Benzoyl peroxide cream: Wait 2-3 minutes after the Night Cream has soaked into the skin and then smear a thin layer of benzoyl peroxide cream all over the face – even though you only have skin problems on the chin. It should be the entire face, except for the lips and eyes :)

After 2 – 3 months of treatment, STOP using benzoyl peroxide cream and then use Perfect Skin Power Treat in the evening.

Side effects from Benzoyl Peroxide treatment

There are no serious side effects when using Benzoyl Peroxide creams. However, it is quite common that you get dry skin, redness, itching and occasionally a burning or tingly sensation in the skin. In rare cases, you get a rash when using Benzoyl Peroxide creams.

Benzoyl Peroxide should not be used on damaged skin, near the eyes or mucous membranes. And please be careful not to use it on the neck and other sensitive areas.

Also take note that Benzoyl Peroxide can decolourize clothing and textiles, so pay attention to avoid contact with clothing and maybe use an old pillowcase so you do not destroy your fine linens.

To this I might add that you should really avoid getting Benzoyl Peroxide creams in your hair – it can bleach your hair.

Should you go to the solarium when using Benzoyl Peroxide creams?

NO! Benzoyl Peroxide creams and sun or the use of solarium do not go together! You should completely avoid the sun and the use of solarium when doing a Benzoyl Peroxide treatment. Benzoyl peroxide makes the skin light sensitive, making you much more susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays.

Moreover Basiron help to dry out the pores of the skin and a dry skin are very easily disturbed – it lacks the skins natural defense in the form of sebum and sebum from the skin, which normally protects the skin. So it is recommended that you avoid the solarium when doing a Benzoyl Peroxide treatment.

A few months after you stop using Benzoyl Peroxide, your skin should be normal again. However, it is still not recommended to stay too much in the sun as the skin is still sensitive. Irritation of the skin should be avoided, especially if you desire a clean, healthy and beautiful skin without pimples and unclean skin.

Can pregnant women use Benzoyl Peroxide creams?

Yes, pregnant women may use Benzoyl Peroxide creams if necessary. The substance is absorbed to such a low degree that there is no risk of harming the fetus or a breastfeeding child. However, be aware not to use it near the nipples in the breastfeeding period.

What does a Benzoyl Peroxide treatment cost?

Benzoyl Peroxide is a prescription drug and is available for purchase at most pharmacies. You do not need to contact your doctor to get started with a benzoyl Peroxide treatment.

But remember to choose Benzoyl Peroxide creams with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide!

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