Do you get the highest discounts with promo codes?

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Author Mads Timmermann

Mads has 14+ years of experience as a skin expert and has written/read this article.

Question: โ€œDo you get the highest discounts with promo codes?โ€

Hi Mads and Danish Skin Care

I might as well say it straight away, I love promo codes, deals and discounts! I’m always looking for a great deal on skin care! Why pay the full price when you with just a little ingenuity and detective work, can get promo codes and discounts on all sorts of things? And maybe I could also get a promo code for your skin care products?

Google has really made it easy to find promo codes for this and that! Just as it has become much easier to find CRAZY deals, offers and BIG discounts! :-)

I’m not trying to give you good advice on how to you find great deals, offers and discounts…

No, I’m actually writing to you because I’m crazy about your skin care products! The products have been a miracle for my skin! I’m no longer bothered by pimples, unclean skin and blackheads! Thank you so much! It’s great to have a smooth and beautiful skin!

But Mads! Your prices are really high! And yes, yes, I know price and quality often go together! But you must surely be able to give some good deals or discounts, just once in a while ???

In fact, I can’t remember when you gave us some sweet deals, discounts or offers on your products! And I’m always on the lookout! So I visit your web shop every week! I’m not stalking, I just do not want to miss a great discount! ;-)

But when i google, the only thing I find is always the different promo codes that promise 10% and sometimes as much as a 40% discount! I’m crazy about promo codes and discounts, but these websites seemed a bit sketchy… And even though I’d like discounts and crazy deals, I hate to be scammed!

But scammed I was! Because there were none of the promo codes that actually gave a discount! So even though I do not like to admit it, I was cheated!!!

So why are all these fake promo codes on the internet and where the heck is your huge deals, offers and BIG discounts? :-)

I hope you will answer my questions! And please give me a bit discount! ;-)

Hopeful greetings

Answer to: โ€œDo you get the highest discounts with promo codes?โ€

Hello Yasmin

Iโ€™m so glad that the solution to your skin problems became my skin care products! And it makes me even happier that you now have the skin that you want! :-)

I understand why you are crazy about huge deals, discounts and promo codes! I also love great deals and offers, but not at all costs!

Yasmin, Iโ€™m sorry to disappoint you! You can only find fake Danish Skin Care promo codes if you try to get your hands on one! But I actually do not want to say unfortunately โ€ฆ Because if you could actually get the big discounts and crazy deals as the fake promo codes make you believeโ€ฆ Then the price of the products would be too high to begin with. And that is not good, is it?

This is not the case with Danish Skin Care! Therefore, we do not use promo codes or give huge discounts or special deals multiple times a year. Danish Skin Care has a much greater focus on selling quality products at a fair price all year round! :-)

โ€“ And as you probably already know! Good ingredients are not cheapโ€ฆ And if there is anything Danish Skin Care never would do, it is to compromise on the ingredients we have in our products!

Before you ask the question: โ€œBut why are there so many fake Danish Skin Care promo codes?โ€

It is simply because a lot of websites want to get hold of your particular mail. And when you try to get promo codes fake or not, you often have to hand over your mail. And the only reason they try to lure you with fake promo codes is because they want your mail! Afterwards, they can then begin to spam you with advertisements! :-(

And no, there is no promo codes, which gives a real discount on our website! So even if you are easily drawn to special deals and promo codes, they all just want to cheat you and get your information and mail!

So my advice to you is:

  • You must avoid discount codes found on google and the web! They are fake and do not give you any discounts on my website!

What you should instead do:

  • Follow my newsletters and Danish Skin Care on Facebook and Instagram. Participate in our competitions, maybe you will be our next lucky winner! And thereโ€™s almost always our delicious skin care products for grabs when we hold competitions!
  • Keep an eye on our newsletters! It may be that the next newsletter you receive contains a REAL Danish Skin Care Discount Code! Or a super deal, you just can not say no to. :-)

Do not be seduced! Always take care of your mail so you avoid spam! Take care of your information, do it doesnโ€™t get misused on the internet! Websites with discount codes are only out to cheat you! And the promo codes wont get you cheaper skin care products on my web shop!

โ€“ And thatโ€™s what you wanted, right?

But we actually offer some great deals! In fact, we always offer a discount when you buy a complete skin care kit! Just as you do not have to pay for delivery when you buy a complete skin care kit. The total price for a skin care kit is $169.00.

โ€“ Reduced price and free shipping without the use of promo codes!

In fact, we also provide free shipping if you indulge yourself with our skin care products for $155,00 and upwards. More discounts and you didnโ€™t need any promo codes! :-)

If you do not follow our newsletter, get on board! You get amazing guides and knowledge about skin problems, skin care and much more! But perhaps even more important in relation to the topic of your question. You will not miss any future deals if I suddenly want to give my amazing followers a special offer! ;-)

In fact, you also save a lot of money by purchasing our complete skin care series! It may sound strange, but in fact my skin care series makes a lot of other skin care products redundant. Because your skin gets everything it needs with my skin care products. So you do not have to spend huge sums of money on boosters, skin tonics or eye cream. Just stick to my simple, gentle and effective skin care series!

โ€“ Remember to buy a complete skin care kit for your skin type, your skin and wallet will love it!

You get products that work and a simple, gentle and effective skin care series. And there is certainly nothing fake about it! And you avoid having to spend extra money on all sorts of unnecessary skin care products! :-)

โ€“ Get a complete skin care kit and free shipping here:

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