Red marks on the skin after yellow pimples

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Question: “Red marks on the skin after yellow pimples”

Hey Mads

I want to start by letting you know how much you contribute to the skin care world and I would like to thank you for giving me hope to once again have nice skin.

A few months ago, I began to have problems with my skin. Under both cheeks, between my cheekbones and mouth, I get red marks that turn into yellow pimples. The pimples are relatively large and the area is dry and very sore. I get about a couple of pimples a month. When the yellow is gone, there are red dry marks that will not disappear – and it has begun to look really ugly. I try to remove the yellow stuff with cotton swab to keep it sterile and avoid touching it with my fingers and nails. My skin is sensitive but I have only had some pimples earlier.

I have tried several things to get better skin, but nothing has solved the problem. I started with your skincare series three weeks ago. My skin loves your products and my skin is already getting pretty anywhere else than my problem area. I doubt I need exfoliation in my problem area because I’m afraid that my skin will become over treated? Or if I need to supplement my treatment with something stronger such as Benzoyl Peroxide cream? I would also like to know if there is anything you think I can do differently?

Here’s a brief list of what I’ve tried on my skin:

I went to a cosmetologist in October, after which the problem became worse and I therefore decided not to get more treatments. In November I treated my problem area with 0.5 m.m. Dermaroles, which helped with the red marks but created more yellow pimples. In the same period I used a cream with 2% BHA. Afterwards I gave my skin some rest and I only used day cream for approx 14 days. But this treatment gave no visible result.

Generally I’m eating healthy. I have tried to remove both sugar, gluten and dairy products from my diet without effect. So now I only eat small amounts of sugar and gluten. I exercise 5-6 days a week and get a lot of fresh air. I also focus on relaxing and not being stressed. Everything is washed with neutral washing powders and linens are changed several times a week. I do not have my phone or the like near the problem area, so I don’t transfer bacteria to the area.

With best regards
Louise :)

Answer to: “Red marks on the skin after yellow pimples”

Hi Louise

Thank you very much for your sweet words! Nice to hear that you like the information I share – and that you can use my guides.

I’m also really happy to hear that you after only 3 weeks already are seeing some really good improvements on your skin – and that you can see a positive result compared to your pimples: -D It’s really amazing! It really sounds like you are responding well to the products so you can expect some really good results :-D :-D :-D

Compared to the red marks, which you are getting after having yellow pimples, there is no doubt that it is scars – or what many call acne scars. However, scars are scars, and the treatment is the same …

However, the treatment should never be a dermaroll because it (as you have unfortunately experienced yourself) causes many more pimples – and as a result even more scars has to be treated again … so a dermaroll is just a evil circle where you will constantly have to remove new scars :-(

Benzoyl Peroxide cream will also have no effect on scars, as Benzoyl Peroxide cream is only for very serious cases of pimples – and you are already very successful with treating your pimples with your Danish Skin Care products. Starting with Benzoyl Peroxide cream would therefore be a complete waste … so save your money :-)

Now that we are talking about saving money, the Danish Skin Care skincare series actually already has a LOT of ingredients that will help remove the marks and redness of the skin. Among many others, I can mention salicylic acid, vitamin A, niacinamide and chamomile … So included in the Danish Skin Care series, you already have the ingredients that can help remove your scars and soothe the redness :-D So you are already on the right track with treating your scars :-D And even without it costing you more money or taking a longer time! :-)

However, scars, takes time to treat – and my best advice to you is mostly patience, as the red marks and scars will probably disappear by using the Danish Skin Care series in time. But it takes time.

In addition to this, I can say that it is SUPER good that you make sure you get exercise and eat healthy. In relation to your training, be sure to work out so that you really get the sweat going – it has a good effect on the scars. And compared to your diet, I can recommend you a dietary supplement of zinc – just like you would benefit from taking a multivitamin with iron for a few months. Especially now that it’s winter and you with a multivitamin can make sure you get enough of the vitamins and minerals you need – but especially make a dietary supplement with zinc, as zinc is brilliant for your skin, hair and nails: -) And keep on eating healthy – vitamins can never replace a healthy and varied diet :-)

Alternatively to the Danish Skin Care series, the best treatment I can recommend you, is in fact a laser treatment of scars after pimples – but here you are looking at an alternative with a longer course of treatments. And you should really be bothered by scars, before I can recommend this – as laser is both an expensive and a harsh treatment.

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