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Drink water and avoid dry skin, or? Get the free advice for the treatment of dry skin from skin expert Mads Timmermann from Danish Skin Care

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Question: “Dry skin treatment”

Hi Mads

How can I treat and get rid of dry skin ?

Answer to: “Dry skin treatment”

When the skin’s outer layer of skincells lose their ability to maintain a normal and healthy moisture level, you will develop dry skin.

The main cause for dry skin is the sun’s harmful rays, which destroys the skin’s natural immune system and outer barrier.

Another cause of dry skin is skin care products that contain irritating ingredients and therefor causes irritation.

A good proof that the sun and irritating skin care products are the cause of dry skin is that you very rarely experience dry skin on areas that are exposed to sunlight and irritation (eg inside of the arm and buttocks) .

The best thing you can do for dry skin is to ensure that you do not destroy the skin’s outer layer more than it is already . One should therefore:

Avoid using soap

Soap is very drying and will cleanse the skin too much . This will result in damaged skin barrier and irritation.

Use a gentle water-soluble cleanser instead and be sure that your cleansing / wash product does not contain the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate.

No irritation

Does you feel that your skin care products cools, dots or warms the skin, it is a clear sign of irritation.

The skin may become irritated if you do not see or feel anything. Ingredients such as alcohol, perfume, peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus, citrus , mint, camphor and other essential oils should by all means not be used on the skin, or be part of skin care products.

Avoid cold and heat

Cold and hot water , sauna and steam causes irritation, which dramatically worsen dry skin.

Scrub is not good

Abrasive scrubs is not good for dry skin, although it may seem attractive to scrub the dry skin away.

Instead, an effective exfoliation can be used – that does not contain grain.

Treatment of dry skin

Dry skin needs protective ingredients that will normalize the skin’s barrier and maintain the skin’s water balance.

Sun protection all year round

UV-radiation will degrade the skin’s immune system, making it less able to retain moisture.

Effective sun protection against UVA and UVB rays (SPF 15 or higher) should be used every day all year , even if it is winter or cloudy.

Boost your skin

Regardless of the product name (serum , gel, cream, lotion , anti- wrinkle , firming , etc.), should skin be filled with antioxidants, moisturizing ingredients, skincell repairment ingredients and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

A cream with a very short list of ingredients will not add the skin enough of these important ingredients.

Choose a moisturizer that is packed with great ingredients for the skin.

Get rid of the dead skin cells

Dry skin looks dull and gray, because of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface .

A daily effective exfoliation will dramatically improve the look and feel of dry skin.

Vegetable oil

If you have very dry skin, it is advantageous to apply a light coating of vegetable oil (such as olive oil or almond oil ) on top of the dry areas, after you has applied your moisturizer.

You do not need to invest in special boosters / serum for dry skin – this trick will certainly cope with the problem! And you will save a lot of money on those expensive special boosters/serums (it is just advertising)

Remember the lips

Your lips can also become extremely dry, so here it is important to continually use a lip balm with sunscreen during the day and a super moisturizing lip balm at night.

Lip balm should be applied at the very last before you lie down to sleep – kiss your loved, use lip balm and slept well.

Have a nice day !

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