Danish Skin Care's attitude towards Dermarollers

Dermarollers or microneedling is a harsh attack on your skin! So should you do it? We have a different philosophy, click and learn more!

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Question: “Danish Skin Care's attitude towards Dermarollers”

Hey mads!

I would really enjoy hearing your opinion about dermarollers. :)

Is it nonsense that is both rejuvenating and can prevent wrinkles?


Answer to: “Danish Skin Care's attitude towards Dermarollers”

Hello Anne

The simple answer is YES! Hehe … and to use your – beautiful formulation – Yes, it’s nonsense! Dermaroles work directly opposite from what we know is good for the skin! In any case, if we look at all previous research! – I don’t think there is any research that proves the effect of Dermarollers. But if we look at previous research about skincare, dermarollers can not remove, but should instead cause wrinkles and skin problems!

And let me just elaborate on the subject a bit … A dermaroller makes tiny holes in the skin. These hole we can certainly agree on, makes the skin more susceptible to dirt, grime and whatever else can penetrate the skin. So you can probably quite easily imagine that the skin will use a lot of energy to repair these small holes, tears – after the self-inflicted skin TORTURE!

If we compare what Dermaroller does to the skin – with what research shows. Thus, anti-oxidants are the absolute best anti-aging ingredient. You have probably heard of anti-oxidants – and you probably know that anti-oxidants are VERY good for the skin.

But few know, however, what antioxidants actually do. Anti-oxidants does exactly as the name says. Anti-oxidants help to reduce air loss from the skin. Thus anti-oxidants bind oxygen in the body and in the skin.

Anti = something we will not / do not want

Oxidants = Latin for oxygen

So anti-oxidants must ensure that the skin does not lose oxygen. If we look at anti-oxidants really simple – anti-oxidants is far more complex, but to put it simple then anti-oxidants reduce air loss from the skin.

If we continue in this rather simple way of thinking – and perhaps imagine anti-oxidants like a balloon.

What do you think happens if you run a dermaroller – with all its tiny little needles over a balloon?

Does it help keep the air inside the balloon?

No, of course not. The balloon pops, or at least the air will fizzle out of the balloon.

A dermaroller has the exactly same effect on the skin. Thus, a dermaroller helps to remove air from the skin, which – over time – results in the skin becoming more wrinkled.

A bit more technical, Dermarollers also help to break down collagen in the skin and the other fibers in the skin that will make the skin elastic. Think of a rubber band – if you keep pulling and pulling and pulling on a rubber band, it will at some point lose it elasticity… A Dermaroller simply put does the same to your skin, just with small needles (rather than pulling).

Now the argumentation is of course that the skin rebuilds itself. And that the skin is a great mechanism to constantly cure itself. And that’s how the use of dermarollers are justified.

And it may also be true – but only to a certain point, because with age, the skin loses its healing ability and it gets harder accumulating enough collagen. That is why we naturally get wrinkles with age.

But saying that the dermarollers help to repair skin and prevent wrinkles is all nonsense!

The skin is repairing itself. 365 days a year … and this process can be helped with great skincare full of fantastic nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Just as it can help the skin’s healing ability to protect the skin – But with a dermaroller you are doing the exact opposite, and the result is skin irritation and your body is put it to work overtime!

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Sorry… It suddenly became a long answer. But the word Dermarollers can really make me angry! Please don’t use it on your skin! :-D

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