What is good skincare?

There are a lot of myths surrounding skincare! Its actually a jungle! But look no further, we have the answers you seek about skincare here.

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Question: “What is good skincare?”

Hello Danish Skin Care

I have read your reviews over and over again, both on Trustpilot and here on your website, and I really consider buying your products, but your prices, – they just seem a bit scary.

But I just have some questions:

I just ordered a face brush, from a brand named Mary Kay, though it has not arrived, would it be bad for my skin if I use it with your face wash? And would it be too bad using a face brush in general?

And how important is it that I use both your creams? I have a moisturizing lotion from another brand, which is a little cheaper and which I do not even think is wrong. (I can write the list of ingredients if necessary, however, I can not write the numbers in %)



Answer to: “What is good skincare?”

Hello Mikael

Its FANTASTIC hearing that you’ve been following Danish Skin Care for a long time – and you have read / heard about us and my skin care series :-D

I’m really pleased to hear that you want to get started with my skincare products, but I can not do much about the price of the products. It’s the price we have to take to continue to develop and secure Danish Skin Care’s future, as a wonderful skin care product :-)

And I would just like to add that I’m sure you will LOVE the products – I think you’ll be incredibly surprised about how great the good products work!

In relation to your questions, of course, it’s hard to say if your face brush is too hard for the skin – but overall you can say that a face brush is not necessary at all, so I hope you have not spent too many money on it. It is usually far better to just use your hands to apply your skincare products as you get a more gentle skin treatment – which is best :-)

Face brushes tend to be too hard in the hairs and thus they are likely to cause much more harm than good …

As for whether you need to use all Danish Skin Care products, no – how you want to use the products … or if you want to combine them with other good skincare products, it´s of cause entirely up to you :-) But I just have to say that with the whole Danish Skin Care skincare series you will treat and give your skin the optimal treatment and all the ingredients your skin needs! :-)

If you want to combine the Danish Skin Care skincare series with other products, I would like to emphasize and point out again – that you should only choose good skin care products. Now, of course, I do not want to talk badly about other colleagues in the industry, but other brands may not sell the most amazing products. This does not mean that cheap skin care products can not be good, but the price naturally also reflects the quality … Good ingredients cost a lot of money.
And just because some brands, sell products without perfume and color, they often lack other good ingredients. It’s not just about removing the bad ingredients, but replacing the bad ingredients with a variety of SUPER good ingredients.

Naturally, I would like to check again if you send a photo of the list of ingredients – if the other brands cream contains something directly bad for your skin. However, I can not begin to engage in a longer dialogue about what the cream will lack of good ingredients … I’m sure you understand :-)

But yes, a good skincare cream is categorized by being without harmful chemicals, without perfume, without colorants and without irritating ingredients. AND, full of good ingredients, vitamins and minerals – I can mention that a Danish Skin Care cream contains more than 25 good ingredients for the skin. And NATURALLY, Danish Skin Care products contain no harmful chemicals, no colorants, no perfumes and no irritating ingredients.

You can read more about Danish Skin Care products here – as well as finding the right skincare products for your skin:

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