A treatment for scars and loose skin

Acne scars, loose skin, redness and wrinkles, there are a lot of skin problems. But luckily we have the solutions! Click and learn more!

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Question: โ€œA treatment for scars and loose skinโ€


I have a question about the skin on my face. I have had many pimples around my mouth since my teens. Now I have so many scars and loose skin on my face. What do I do?

  • How can I easily tighten my skin after losing a lot of weight? (The face)
  • How do I fight fatigue and the dark area under my eyes?

I really hope you can help me.

Yours sincerely

Answer to: โ€œA treatment for scars and loose skinโ€

Hi Heidi

First of all, I would strongly recommend you to get started with a good skin care series that adds a lot of antioxidants to you skin! The skin care series should also contain a LOT of different ingredients that are good for the skin.

It would definitely recommendย Danish Skin Care skincare series, which contains all the antioxidant your skin can absorb. It also contains all the vitamins and minerals that your skin needs. In addition, the series contains many anti-aging ingredients, just like the series contains many ingredients that will help to tighten the skin and provoke rejuvenation / stimulation of your skins tightness (collagen). Both salicylic acid is good for this, like niacinamide and vitamin A โ€“ and you get all this in theย Danish Skin Care skincare series.

Next, I would recommend you to take a multi-vitamin for the next 3 months to boost your body with vitamin. Make sure to choose a multi-vitamin that contains iron โ€“ and of course, vitamin C and vitamin D. While youโ€™re eating this multi-vitamin for the next 3 months, Iโ€™d recommend you to take oil with essential fatty acids. Take a tablespoon daily, so you boost your skin with all the fats that your skin needs to be well-stocked.

In addition, I would also recommend a dietary supplement in the form of zinc, as zinc is GREAT at treating soft skin and give the skin some beautiful glow. We canโ€™t get too much Zinc, so try to eat a zinc pill every day, itโ€™s super for your skin. Over 1 month you will be surprised to see how your hair and nails suddenly radiate โ€“ and your skin will soon radiate as well :-)

Last but not least, I would recommend that you put an extra focus on getting a healthy diet โ€“ and more exercise. A quick walk of 20-30 minutes daily in the cold is really FANTASTIC for the skin โ€“ and it is important that you walk in a fast pace for the bloodstream to start. Unfortunately, an ordinary easy bike ride or walk is not enough to get the bloodstream pumping and the pulse up. We just have to get up and have some fast tempo walking, bicycling or running at least 20 minutes daily :-)

As for the treatment of scars, I would recommend you to read my reply to Katrine โ€“ she also asked about the treatment of scars.

Get the answer on how to treat scars on your skin.

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