Guide for stress related skin problems and skin care

Stress can take a toll on your you skin! So you yourself have to stop what is stressing you but we help you with simple, soothing skincare!

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Question: “Guide for stress related skin problems and skin care”

Hi Mads

I have just watched the first video in The Danish Acne Cure, and I really love how informative it is! There actually where a lot of information I did not know, I didn’t know that dyes and scrubs is bad for the skin … I actually had considered buying a scrubbing cream because a friend recommended it.

When I read the comments from people, it seems like most of them has struggled with acne for a long time – lot of them has suffered for several years and has tried all sorts of different diets and products …

However, my case is a bit different, as I have never had problems with pimples or skin problems before. And I really mean it, I have always had beautiful skin! And I have always been very grateful for “my perfect skin” and I have never used skin care products. But now that I am 28 years old, my skin has suddenly become a problem … and the skin problems is in my entire face. I have been told that it may be due to stress, as I have gone from a normal workday to a very busy day at work and I am constantly on my way from 04 – 19 almost every weekday.

My question is whether your skin care products can help me even if my unclean skin first appeared within the last six months? And do you could my skin problems and unclean skin can really be due to my long working days and possibly stress? And if so, does it mean that my skin will return to normal when my life again becomes less hectic?

Yours sincerely

Answer to: “Guide for stress related skin problems and skin care”

Hi Diana

Thank you for all the sweet words! And of course thank you for watching! :-D It is great to help you with information and advice – and super nice to help you drop scrub and scrubbing creams! In fact it would only make your skin problems worse – scrubs does not work to remove pimples!

Compared to your question about stress and treatment of pimples caused by stress, the answer is pretty easy: Yes! :-)

– Read more about stress and pimples here.

Danish Skin Care products will surely help remove your pimples and unclean skin! Exactly as the products are at least as effective for your skin as someone who has struggled with pimples and skin problems for many years.

In relative to your stress, which is a very normal cause of pimples, the products will also help. However, it is important in regards to pimples that have come because of stress or stress related pimples – that you try to eliminate the cause of the pimples. Thus, removing your stress or slowing down so you body can recuperate.

A piece of advice, which of course applies to all cases and treatments of acne, pimples and blemished skin.

Treatment of acne, pimples and blemished skin is pretty much the same no matter what the reason for the skin problems is. So if you have pimples due to stress, the treatment is the same as if your pimples where caused by hormones or something else.

But of course it is always important – as with all “illnesses” and problems – to eliminate the cause of the problem. Or at least try to focus on counteracting the cause.

Now of course I will not begin to recommend you to quit your job – the unemployment rate in Denmark is high enough already ;-)

But I would definitely recommend that you take good care of yourself. Make sure to go to bed early, be sure to eat healthy, make sure you get exercise and make sure you get plenty of fresh air.

I know it can be difficult to find the time and energy, especially when the calendar is already busy and booked. However, it is nevertheless VERY important. Plus it will give you more energy to cope with your busy life :-)

Also, there is also the super gain – compared to your skin and pimple problem – that it will prevent your skin from developing more pimples :-)

But yes, I would definitely recommend you to get started with the products – so you treat your pimples and your skin from the inside and out. And solve your problem! :-)

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Want to read more about pimples and stress, check out my guide here about acne, pimples and stress:

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