Does ice-cream and pizza cause pimples and acne?

Your diet is important especially if you want to avoid pimples, but should you be fanatical? Read our guide on diet and cheat meals here.

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Question: โ€œDoes ice-cream and pizza cause pimples and acne?โ€

Hey mads

Thank you so much for your always super good answers and your amazing advice. It is simply a pleasure and day just gets better from reading your newsletters and answers! :-)

Right now I’m on holiday in Italy and of course enjoy life. But I have some questions, because I really can see how important it is to be more clever on skin care, diet and skin problems.

1. There is a pool where we live … Can I dip the face in the pool, though there may be a lot of chlorine in the water (it’s a very clean pool)?

2 It’s between 25-30 degrees each day, and I’m sweating a lot, but do not really dare to sun in my face because of my acne around my mouth. Can I take a few minutes on my face or just skin problems?

3. I have long avoided any food item that contains milk, but one might just eat some ice cream, milk chocolate or anything containing milk? And do you really mean NO milk, in the advice you give?

And finally. What about pizza and MacDonald’s?

Many thanks in advance! It really makes a difference with your answers and all the advice you and Danish Skin Care offers !! :-)

Yours sincerely

Answer to: โ€œDoes ice-cream and pizza cause pimples and acne?โ€

Hi Hjalte

Thank you very much for your sweet mail! Nice to hear that you can use our advice and guidance โ€“ and super cool that you can already see good results on your skin.

In order to answer your questions, I would REALLY recommend you to pack your suitcase and go home! And tie yourself to a desk, behind rainy windows.

Not โ€ฆ okay. It sounds SUPER delicious with a holiday! And very nice to hear that you have good weather: -D Have just been in Italy โ€“ it was great! Never mind, itโ€™s raining so much here in Denmark โ€ฆ but the weekend should be good and Iโ€™m lucky Iโ€™m free! :-)

In order to respond more appropriately to your questions, then keyword: fanaticism. Understood that one must never be fanatical :-)

Finally enjoy the pool. And finally, dip the entire body โ€“ it cools better than just sticking your head in the pool! ;-)

Chlorine is probably not good for the skin, but it does not hurt to bathe. It is also not the case that anyone who sports swimming is more bothered by pimples than others. Itโ€™s important to just wash the chlorine water again :-) Then have a bath after you have been by the pool โ€“ and with soap โ€“ you should do that.

In addition, I strongly recommend you to take a wash in the showers โ€“ like most places stand around Poole and on beaches โ€“ and just flush freshwater and saltwater of you so you do not lie on the beach or by the pool with chlorinated water on the body and sunbathing . Itโ€™s not as good as the heat makes skin pores open and thus more susceptible to chlorine / salt water.

Also, I strongly recommend you โ€“ when the skin is just dry after you have rinsed it under a shower โ€“ to smear you with sunscreen on the body. And to the face use Perfect Skin Day Protector. The orange cream from Danish Skin Care โ€“ it contains sunscreen and plenty of good things for your skin. And with it on the skin, you can easily allow yourself to enjoy a little sun. I would not recommend that you lie and fry long in the sun โ€“ itโ€™s skin is not good for + it has pimples not good. But you can easily take a nap on his back and get some sun :-)

Speaking of milk, so my advice is the same โ€“ drop fanaticism. You can easily enjoy an ice cream. And you can also eat a GREAT ice cream :-)

And you can also eat a pizza with a good conscience โ€“ they taste better in Italy than at home. So, make sure โ€“ and enjoy it :-)

Itโ€™s not the milk (or anything else) that we enjoy in small amounts sometimes and causing problems โ€“ itโ€™s the daily intake. Therefore, in relation to milk, it is important to remove all milk from oneโ€™s daily diet. So milk in the morning, milk in the coffee, etc., and so on.

And the answer is really the same in regards to pizza, white bread and MacDonaldโ€™s โ€“ although I do not just recommend McD as a useful fast meal;) But a rare occasion at MacDonaldโ€™s, itโ€™s not that harmful โ€“ but Mac D and fast food several times a week, I would strongly advise against.

Do you have a super wonderful holiday! Hope you with the above answers can enjoy your vacation even more :-D

By the way, I would recommend you to check out my movie guide for treating pimples and unclean skin โ€“ have made a super good movie where you get lots of advice to properly remove pimples and get rid of acne.

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