Dietary advice: Acne

Diet Program for acne and pimples through the elimination of dairy products, animal fats, fried foods and refined sugars. free guide here

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Question: โ€œDietary advice: Acneโ€

Hi Mads,
I just wanted to hear if you had any good dietary advice, if someone has a little acne?

Answer to: โ€œDietary advice: Acneโ€

Thank you very much for your letter. I would love to help you withย advice on diet and acne.

It has not been proven that diet has anything to do with acne, but to me it is obvious that the condition of our body and skin disorders can be tricked in both a positive and negative direction by our diet. This is supported by my experience.

Naturally, some people can eat something that other people cannot without experiencing any harmful effects. The chemistry in their bodies does not get out of balance easily. But if your skin is susceptible for breakouts, you should at least try to remove the following from your diet:

  • Cowโ€™s milk products (cheese, cream, milk, ice cream) because of the high levels of hormones
  • Animal fat (beef, pork, lamb) because of the saturated fat
  • Deep-fried foods
  • Foods containing refined sugar (like sweets, cakes, pies, chocolate, soda, canned food) and fabricated foods

If there is an improvement in your skin a month after making these dietary changes, you should stick with that as much as possible.

I hope my dietary advice may help you.

With warm regards and the wish of a healthy life

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