Dermarollers - Hot or NOT?

We believe in science, so our philosophy is gentle skincare with lots of great ingredients. So should you roll needles into your face?

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Question: “Dermarollers - Hot or NOT?”

Hey Mads

I’m a big fan of you and especially all the information you share and all the free advice you give :-D

However, I have a question that I hope you will answer :-)

Can you answer me if it is good to use a dermaroller?? And is it actually any good to make holes in your skin, it seems a bit harsh? But if it’s any good, what size should the needles be?

I have one with 0.5 mm needles and I have tried it a couple of times, but It makes my skin turn red and it really hurts! : O /

I really hope you can help me! :-D

The best regards from Christina

Answer to: “Dermarollers - Hot or NOT?”

Hello Christina

I am really glad that you ask me this question! And its great that you think about how a skincare product works and whether it is actually healthy and good for your skin. So is it good skin care to make tiny holes in you skin?

The answer is of course quite simple! It’s REALLY bad and definitely not healthy for your skin!

I strongly oppose the use of dermarollers! And I would strongly advise you to follow your stomach and stop using it on your skin. It’s really not healthy for the skin to make holes in the skin. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that a dermaroller should have the slightest positive effect on the skin! On the contrary, research shows that the risk of damaging your skin is increased by using a dermaroller.

– Learn more about why dermarollers are bad for your skin here.

If you want to give your skin the best care and see positive results, your skincare products should always be mild and gentle on the skin. And the skincare products should ALWAYS have a minimal risk of creating irritation or even worse damage the skin. Precisely for this reason it is of course also important to choose skincare without perfume or coloring, and skin care should NEVER contain harsh and irritating ingredients to the skin.

And it is from these principles that I have developed the Danish Skin Care series. So, if you want give your skin gentle but effective skincare, I would recommend you to look into the Danish Skin Care skincare series.

– Get the Danish Skin Care skincare series here.

I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised about how simple, great and effective the series is – and at the same time the skincare series is extremely gentle for the skin! Its just that good! :-D

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