This is how you avoid and fight pimples inside the nose

Hi Mads

I sometimes get a pimple inside the nose. I think in any case that it is a pimple and wanted to know what you recommend I do about it? It often really hurts when I get a pimple in the nose and it is almost impossible to squeeze the pimple or to do anything.

What do you recommend against pimples in the nose? How do I treat most pimples in the nose?

It would of course be awesome if you could give some advice on how I avoid pimples in the nose :-)

And I must by the way thank you very much for your great articles about the treatment of acne. You have really helped me! For one year ago I had pimples all over your face … hehe, and not only in the nose. Now Danish Skin Care products and your really good advice’s helped me becoming free of pimples on the face.

Hope you can help me, so I also get rid of pimples in the nose.

Best regards Michael

Hello Michael

Great to hear that my advice and Danish Skin Care skincare series has helped you to remove your pimples :-)

And of course I would love to try to help you to fight pimples inside the nose. The nose is definitely a frustrating place to get a pimple. But it is far from unusual that we get pimples in the nose.

First of all, one can say that the nose is a really good place for bacteria, since bacteria thrives in wet and humid environments. These bacteria, therefore, increases the risk of the formation of pimples.

Then the nose is very sensitive. Especially the nerve endings in the nose is very vulnerable to injuries and just irritation and damage to the nerve endings in the nose can result in pimples. In other words, Nose Picking is illegal, but I guess that fact isn’t news ;-)

Both the nose and hands are often incredibly bacteria-filled, so you should avoid making it worse by picking your nose.

So the best thing to do is just letting your nose be. But any special preventive treatment, I can not recommend, because the nerves in the nose is really vulnerable and very quickly becomes irritated. The treatment of a pimple in the nose, I will answer further down … but let’s just stick to the causes of pimples in the nose first.

One of the major causes of pimples in the nose is actually hair. We have so many hairs in the nose and ingrown hairs in the nose may well be one of the reasons why we get pimples in the nose. Ingrown hairs in the nose is in fact probably the most frequent cause of pimples in the nose.

Ingrown hairs in the nose often occur in connection with trimming nose hairs, because the hairs are hard to get to. It does not take much before a hair grows crooked and decides to grow any way. Should you be unfortunate enough to find a nose hair, that is heading in the wrong direction, you should removed it as soon as possible.

If you do not remove the hair it will very likely result in a pimple and if you have previously tried to have a pimple in the nose, then you know how painful it can be. The nose feels completely skewed when you have a pimple in the nose and it feels really strange to have a pimple in the nose.

A really good advice in relation to hair removal in the nose’s why you’d better remove hair often, rather than cut the hair down. The shorter the hairs in the nose, the greater is the risk of pimples in the nose.

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Also make sure when you are trimming your nose hair, that you’re not going too far. Thus, it is only necessary to remove the hairs in the opening. The hairs further inside can not be seen anyway :-)

If you often experience getting pimples in the nose, it would maybe be a good idea to completely abandon trimming your nose hair. Of course it is never charming or nice walking around with long hairs out of your nose and despite my alternative is more painful, it may help to prevent pimples in the nose.

Instead of trimming the hairs in the nose, take tweezers and pull hairs out one by one. It takes some time and its pretty painful, but it’s definitely worth the effort! The new hair is very small and fine, so the risk of ingrown hairs is much smaller. Also, I can add that this treatment also means that it takes longer before you need to treat your nose hair.

If an accident occurs and you get a pimple in the nose, then there is not much to do about it. The environment inside the nose, you cant really alter and therefore it will always be wet and damp, which is optimal for the bacteria. The best advice is to try to avoid pimples in the nose by minimizing irritation of the nose, and cutting the hair in the nose is one of the main focus points.

Like you treat a pimple on your forehead, its pretty similar with pimples in the nose, however, take a cotton swab or something similar and use any disinfectant liquid. Moisten the swab with disinfectant liquid and you can use this to treat pimple in the nose.

The disinfectant liquid could very well be Perfect Skin Power Treat that kills bacteria and is good for treating pimples.

If necessary, repeat the process a few times a day but do not overdo it! And it would definitely become worse by trying to press the bum. Pressing a pimple in the nose, would probably result in a wound and it is just as annoying.

Perfect Skin Power Treat on a cotton swab to disinfect the area and help to relieve, and Perfect Skin Power Treat also removes and treats pimples.

Alternatively, just try to give the affected area some peace and let the pimple disappear at its own pace. It typically takes 2-3 days, then the pimple should disappear – also you can instead focus on preventing future breakouts by minimizing irritation of the nose, where hair trimming is one of the focus areas you should think about.

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