Does workout and exercise cause pimples?

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Question: “Does workout and exercise cause pimples?”

Hey Mads

I am 24 years and is suddenly starting to get pimples again, which is tremendously frustrating. Especially because I am not a teenager anymore. However, I was lucky not to get very many pimples in my teens, but it remains enormously frustrating to get them now.

However, I am beginning to workout and exercise a lot and sometimes I’m running a long trip. My question is why does workout and exercise cause pimples? So could it be because I started exercising? I suddenly have many pimples – it is very similar to acne, where I have many great yellow spots.

Could it be because of my training that I now suddenly get pimples?

Hope you will answer my questions and maybe come up with some advice on how I can continue to train – and exercise and do workouts without getting pimples. I am really happy that I started working out, I believe it gives me more energy. It’s just enormously frustrating and really not funny suddenly to have many pimples.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Best regards

Answer to: “Does workout and exercise cause pimples?”

Hello Morten

Let me start by saying that it is really cool that you exercise! And when you have a focus on nurturing your body with exercise! It will definitely get you, your body and health will benefit from it now and well into the future.

In relation to your question about whether exercise and workout gives pimples, it’s a really good question! And I would be happy to try to answer it!

There is in fact a great many, who feel that they get more pimples after they have trained, exercised, in sports or strength training. But is it really the exercise it self that cause you to get pimples?

Or, as many also ask me: Can you get pimples of sweat?

It would be pretty cheesy if it were like that. Especially when there is just so enormously much focus on getting a lot of exercise and sports – just to be good to ourselves and take care of our health.

However, it is unfortunately the case that strength training can increase the appearance of pimples. Just like all other exercise, sports and athletics can cause pimples. In what follows I will try to dwell on what you can do to prevent pimples, acne and blemished skin when you exercise. Acne and pimples should in no way and never ever keep you from exercising. By following my advice below and keep your skin clean, you can easily avoid pimples caused by training.

I Repeat!

Never stop doing your training and sports because of acne and pimples. Instead, be sure to minimize the problems that can give acne when you exercise. And be sure to clean your skin after exercise.


Pimples occur mainly because of hormonal changes in the body. It is especially during puberty that the level of male sex hormones increases and it can cause pimples. When you workout and exercise the body will also undergo some hormonal changes. The level of the male hormone testosterone will often rise in both men and women while they exercise and do workouts. Among other things you also build muscle, gain strength, etc. – so it’s all quite common and quite necessary process of training. Despite the benefits the problem is that it also can cause acne because of the hormonal changes.

Hormonal changes can all be part of the reason you experienced getting more pimples during training. Therefore it is, extremely important that you rest your body, so that the hormones can stabilize itself again. The recuperation is therefore enormously important when training.

I can add that it actually when you rest and your body recovers, where the muscles grows larger. Despite it may feel that the muscles already are growing down in the gym when you lift the irons. However, only the muscles are tightened. The muscles grow only when the tension again disappears and the body can rest.

So when you workout and exercise, make sure to remember to recover and rest. Both to get the full result of your training, but also in terms of your question about pimples, so the body’s hormones can be stabilized again and you thereby prevent pimples and acne that may otherwise occur during training.

It is not only the hormonal changes that can cause pimples during training. Sweat is also a factor, which I will talk a little about now.

Even though it may seem as if it is the training that gives you acne, it’s not necessarily how it hangs together.

A really big problem in relation to training and pimples is actually the body lacks strength. Not strength, which you need to lift heavier, but strength in the form of vitamins, minerals and energy. Your body needs good energy filled food and drinks.

In connection with the exercise and to avoid getting pimples from your training, it’s really important to put equal focus on your diet. Ensure that you get plenty of protein, fluid and particularly carbohydrates – the latter many forget, but it is incredibly important for getting your body in balance.

So you should really make sure to get your energy stores FILLED after exercise so that your body is not “starved” and thus stress / struggle to get the energy to withstand. Lack of healthy food is one of the major causes of pimples and acne, when training. So be sure to have a strong focus on your diet – and remember to really relax and recuperate after exercise, to avoid breakouts.


Perhaps you already have a strong focus on your diet. Perhaps you already make sure to get plenty of water. Maybe you even care to drink a protein shake right after workout so you get your depots filled.

Maybe you can just say that you have already started to eat or drink differently after you started exercising. Maybe you started to eat more, which of course is completely natural – training gives a really good appetite.

BUT, maybe you are eating and drinking the wrong things.

For example, it has become very popular to drink a mixture of milk and protein powder after training. Or just drink a protein shake after exercise – or even just some stirred protein powder in water.

Milk and protein powder, milk based – i.e. protein powder with whey protein – is a really bad idea to eat in large quantities. Especially if you experience pimples, acne and blemishes after training. Milk is the only food which is the direct cause of pimples – this also applies to protein powder made from milk or containing whey protein.

– Find out why milk cause pimples – and how milk cause acne here

Want to eat protein powder, make sure ALWAYS to choose vegetable protein powder. So protein powder made of vegetables, grains and herbs.

When your appetite becomes you really should be aware that you do not increase your intake of milk – i.e. you eat more oatmeal with milk. Or maybe you eat curds, sour milk or yogurt and cheese. It can cause pimples because it contains milk.

In short: If you are starting to drink and eat more milk, it is possible that it really is the milk and not the training that is causing your pimples.

This should also be added to protein powders and a focus on increased intake of protein during training is in itself not good. Know that there is much focus on that we should have much protein to help the muscles grow. Some people even think that protein is the only thing that causes muscles to grow. It is a completely wrong approach. In fact, we get more than enough protein through a normal balanced and healthy diet.

But if you eat more protein, be sure to limit it. Overuse of protein can namely cause pimples, acne and blemishes.

Just as lack of carbohydrates can cause pimples and acne.


When you exercise, you sweat safely. Sweat does not create pimples, but if you tend to have acne, sweat can aggravate the situation.

It is best if you always make sure to take a shower immediately after you have completed your workout. Also make sure to use a mild facial cleanser (it could be Perfect Skin Face Wash) and a mild body wash to the rest of the body so you can remove the sweat and sweat bacteria from the body after your workout and thereby avoid pimples after training. Do not scrub the skin hard as it can just cause more problems.

Also remember to always use clean training clothes. Never reuse workout clothes, as old sweat contains bacteria. When the next workout gets hot, it opens your skin pores and bacteria easily penetrate into the skin and can cause problems. Dirty training apparel can all be the direct cause of pimples. Always use clean workout clothes.


Lastly, I’d like to return again to state that exercise is healthy for the body and also beneficial to your health. Therefore never stop your training just because training can cause pimples. Instead focus on minimizing the problems about exercising that can cause pimples.

It should also be mentioned that now we have been very focused on training can cause pimples, but training can actually also help remove pimples. Exercise increases blood circulation, reduces stress (which can cause acne), and prevents clogged pores.

Moreover, a healthy body that is fit and trained, is much better at resisting and fighting pimples and other problems in the body.

So remember, if you get pimples after exercise, it is probably more than the training itself. So enjoy your training, and focus on the areas you can influence :-)

Besides the above advice’s on how to avoid pimples when training, it is naturally also super good focusing on nurturing your skin with good skin care products – always without harmful chemicals.

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And about Matas products, despite Matas having several products without fragrance and colour, they also lack several other good ingredients. It’s all not merely about removing the bad ingredients, but to replace the bad ingredients with a long series of SUPER good ingredients.

I would of course like to check the ingredients if you send a photo of ingredients list – if Matas cream contains ingredients that is directly bad for your skin. I can not begin to go into a long dialogue about what the cream lack of good ingredients … sure you understand :-)

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