Is it possible to remove pimples with steam and steam baths?

There are a lot of myths in skincare! Also myths about steam treatment of pimples. Learn what is up and down, and what you should avoid!

Question: โ€œIs it possible to remove pimples with steam and steam baths?โ€

Hi Mads

I am often told that it is good to take a steam bath every day, and that it should make all the blackheads disappear. I have a lot of small blackheads on my nose, and i was wondering if it would help if I took a steam bath every night, and then washed my face afterwards. Should I do it or leave it be?

Greetings, Julie

Answer to: โ€œIs it possible to remove pimples with steam and steam baths?โ€

Hello Julie

Great question! And yes, there are indeed many who recommend steam baths, and trips to the sauna as a treatment for pimples and acne. Other people recommend that you put your face over boiling water and let the steam help remove acne from the face.

Rumor has it โ€“ you even mention โ€“ that it should beย FANTASTICย with steam and steam baths to remove blackheads and large pores on the nose.

I do not know where the rumor started โ€“ or where the myth, it is a myth โ€“ comes from. But it is a myth. And one of the erroneous myths. It will in no way help to take a steam bath. Steam can not remove pimples. Nor can steam remove blackheads and steam do not make skin pores smaller.

I would therefore strongly advise against the use of steam for the treatment of pimples!

In fact, hot โ€“ and cold โ€“ fumes are violently irritating to the skin and this irritation can cause even more pimples. Contrary to popular belief, the steam โ€œtreatmentโ€ can result in more pimples.

In the sense that fumes โ€“ hot and cold โ€“ causes irritation in the skin, creates dehydration and thus makes the skinโ€™s sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. Because the skin is trying to protect itself. Pimples consists of sebum and dead skin cells, so there is a pretty big risk that you 5-7 days after exposing your skin to steam, sauna or similar โ€œtreatmentsโ€ will get new pimples.

So just to clarify one last time โ€“ steam isย NOTย a good treatment when trying to cure pimples!

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