Before and after stories

One of Danish Skin Cares ways to market themselves is through our many happy customers stories. Below is an excerpt of customer stories that we have received over time.


“I have since I was 12 years old struggled with very spotty skin both in the head and on his back. It inhibited me in so many things, like going out without make-up, and you could never see me a shirt with bare back!

So I had a lot of years now to try the myriad products that are out there. Has in the past been a beautician once a month to curb it a bit, which just led to some ugly scars on my cheeks.

I dare not think about how much money I have spent in the battle for blemished skin. So I think I speak for many when I say that we finally have given up a little, and thought “why should just this product help when no one else has done it?”.

Danish Skin Care was my last chance, and my last hope. So I’m just happy that it has really made a difference for me. And so on SO shortly! One could in just one month see a big difference is on my skin.

Must admit I’m not so good at using products at night, but despite my sometimes laziness, it helps anyway.

You do not feel one’s skin is wrapped in creams and is quite heavy for. One’s skin can still breathe and you feel not the one who greasiness or else as many other creams can provide.

You feel you do not damage your skin, but spoils the lot.

The products are easy to use, easy to take along on vacation, light, cheap, simple and then keep it in a really long time.

I would advise everyone to give their impure skin one last chance with Danish Skin Care, that neither you nor your skin regret :)”





“I have ALWAYS had a very nice and clean skin without acne. But suddenly my skin looked like a disaster after I tried a new cleanser. I started on Perfect Skin Power Treat from Danish Skin Care, and after two weeks, my skin was back to normal. Wow, what a shock that my otherwise very fine skin, could become so acne prone.”





“When I recommend Danish Skin Care for my followers, friends, girlfriends, acquaintances, etc., it is not for fun.

That’s because my skin in September months when Mads and I met each other for the first time was really impure.

Incredibly what I used makeup to hide it.

Was utterly so stressed and my skin broke out with lots of pimples.

I was actually quite closed about changing from what I was using of skincare products at the time, but Mads asked if I would start by taking a picture of my skin and then give his guidenes a chance for 3 months.

I was just getting used to the idea and since I even studied for cosmetician were my thoughts very specific about which skin care I think is best, but I started up in October and thought now we try. you do afterall, only become more experienced and wiser by being open to new possibilities :)

I’m glad I gave it a try and am excited to see how it will improve my skin in the future.

I think people need to see this because I can really vouch for it and even if one image is taken on the day and one at night, in my opinion, not difficult to see the difference.

Good work Mads!”





“Mads’ book and products have given me a lot both appearance wise, but also psychologically.

It has made me now, without problems, go outside my door even though I do not have make-up on, and without having the feeling that people are constantly looking at my skin.

At the same time I also feel that I largely have been a much happier girl.”





“I bought your book and I felt it contains good / important information on how to get rid of the troublesome acne.

I bought Danish Skin Care products, but for me it’s not only what has helped my acne. The book gave me the knowledge of how to take everything apart. It mentions all the skin problems you may have, and how they should be treated. It mention why your previous methods may not have worked, and why you might switch to Danish Skin Care products. It shows how you should proceed if it is done right. It provides information on how Danish Skin Care products work. It tells you what you must avoid at your specific skin type. It mentions some alternative treatments.

After reading the book so I was just suddenly become expert in the field (found myself). There were some habits that I should stop because they only made my skin worse. My old skin care products were thrown out and replaced with something that worked better than the ones before. At the end of the book dispels and confirms the myths about acne. You also get some good and delicious recipes for light and slim food / snacks that taste great.

It may well be pricey, but it is more expensive not to, because you are wasting your money on something that does not work.”





“I’m really glad to have read Mads’ book, The Danish Acne Cure, as it has given me so much knowledge about skin and how to treat it and how I should treat it with respect to both products, skin care routines and food.

The best part is how simple it really is and that you do not have to spend crazy money on products.”





“I feel really good about your book, it is very easy to understand – but at the same time you will be put into how the skin works and why we get acne.

With the basic knowledge of this, it becomes easier to avoid getting acne.

I have also followed your routines step by step, and I must say that it has helped.”





“Your book The Danish Acne Cure is fantastic. It provides a broad and clear expression of what acne and pimples are and how to eat correctly.

Your few recipes that come with the book tastes great and is very light and low. The Danish Acne Cure can be recommended.”





“I have had the great pleasure of reading your book. It has given me a lot of new knowledge, which among other things has meant that I now read the list of ingredients extra carefully before I buy a skin care product.

I’ve gotten killed some myths and have transformed my routines. The section on the influence of diet on the skin and the delicious recipes are a big plus.”





“The book I bought for my son Alexander, who is struggling with pimples / acne.

He thinks it’s a really nice book with many useful information so now he also started with Danish Skin Care products and have used them for nearly 3 weeks now…”





“I have the great pleasure reading your book and found lots of tips that I can use.

I also uses it as reference when there are things and recipes I can not remember by heart.”





“Thank you for your book :-)

My acne has virtually disappeared now!

However, still some acne scars, but I know now how I can remove them thanks to your book.

I would recommend all the people who suffer from acne and who believe that they have tried everything to provide The Danish Acne Cure a chance.”