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Question: โ€œBloodshot red eyesโ€

Hi Mads

My eyes are super red and irritated. What can I do?

Answer to: โ€œBloodshot red eyesโ€

Bloodshot eyes are both annoying and can look violently, but the treatment is relatively simple and painless as long as the cause is due to irritation, allergy , tired/dry eyes (especially in winter), or to sleep with her makeup.

Climate change and bloodshot red eyes

Changes in climate, or because of indoor heating , can be drying and irritating to the eyes .


Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air and thereby reducrer dryness in the air, that is causing the problem.

If you do not have humidifier, you can fill your bathtub with hot water and let it stand, so evaporation increases the moisture level in the house.

Makeup and bloodshot red eyes

If you sleep with makeup on, the small minerals or mascara irritates the eyes and thereby cause bloodshot red eyes.


Remove eye makeup every night before bed .

Irritation from skin care causes bloodshot red eyes

Skin care products with annoying plant extracts (essential oils) , fragrance (natural or synthetic) or colored, will irritate the delicate eye.


Do not use skin care products with ingredients that irritates. A tingling , cooling or warming sensation after applying skin care is a clear sign that the skin becomes irritated.

The sun gives bloodshot red eyes

We know that the sunโ€™s UV rays destroys our skin, and likewise the sun damages our sensitive eyes, which can lead to bloodshot red eyes, and the many sun- related eye diseases such as cataracts.


Wear sunglasses with UV400 protection factor all year round, when out in the sun.

Be sure to flash

Some keep their eyes open long periods of time, for example if you read a book or sit in front of the computer.


Be sure to blink regularly, as this will lubricate and hydrate the delicate eye. Think of this especially, when reading or working on the computer โ€“ it is normal that we stop blinking naturally when our eyes is fixed/working.

Allergy and bloodshot red eyes

Allergy from perfume, plants, animals and other sources can be the cause ot bloodshot red eyes.


Use antihistamine, which can be prescribed by your doctor.

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