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Author Mads Timmermann

Mads has 14+ years of experience as a skin expert and has written/read this article.

Question: “Danish Skin Care´s HUGE discounts and special deals”

Hi Mads and Danish Skin Care

Before I start to sound like a cranky and irritated customer that only want one thing, namely to get a discount, I’d better mention that I am a huge fan of you and Danish Skin Care !!! :-)

So Mads, I hope you do not run away screaming and throw my mail directly into the trash can! Although I’m probably one out of many, who would like to get a crazy deal and special price on your amazing products! But I’m different! I’m your biggest fan and have used your skin care products almost from the beginning of Danish Skin Care!

And even though I’ve become a “few” years older, I think I remember that in the past you gave discounts, deals and special offers? :-)

Or maybe I’m dreaming and my money was just worth more? But I’m not that old !!! Hehe …

But, as you already figured out, if you are still reading Mads, I’m wishing with all my heart that you start giving special offers and CRAZY deals on your skin care products! My husband is getting insane about how much money I spend on your skin care products … So lovely Mads! Do you give any CRAZY deals and special offers?

Remember, Mads, I’m your biggest fan! So how about fulfilling my biggest wish and giving me and all other fans a huge discount?

Come on, pretty please !!! :-)

I only ask because I am so crazy about your skin care products, and they have made a world of difference to me! My skin is beautiful and my self-esteem is a lot better! So I would like to continue, but your products are a little expensive … are they not?

Hope you have not destroyed my mail Mads, even if it’s about me begging for special offers, deals and discounts! ;-)

Hopeful greetings from your biggest fan

Answer to: “Danish Skin Care´s HUGE discounts and special deals”

Hi Cecilia

Hehe … Do not worry I’m not destroying or throwing an e-mail directly into the trash can just because someone is begging for deals, discounts and special offers! :-)

It’s so nice that you’re a fan of me and Danish Skin Care, and I’m so glad you’re rid of your skin problems! But I can not have on my conscience that your husband is “mad” and he thinks you spend too much money on skin care products. Danish Skin Care is definitely not trying to create marital troubles, just because you cant find any deals, discounts and special offers! ;-)

But back to your question about CRAZY deals, discounts and special offers!

I have to be honest and say that I’m not the biggest fan of CRAZY deals, special offers and HUGE discounts. Because if stores can sell their products with a 50% discount and have huge special offers several times a year – then I simply believe that the normal price of the products is far too high to begin with.

– This is not the case with Danish Skin Care!

In fact, I have a much greater focus on ensuring a fair price all year round! Its important for me, that those who shop in January get the same good price on Danish Skin Care products as the fans, users and new customers who buy my products at other times of the year.

But we actually do give discounts and we also have some nice deals! We actually always offer a discount when you buy a complete skin care kit! You also do not have to pay for delivery when you purchase the complete skin care kit. The total price for a complete skin care kit is only $169.00.

See, we actually have discounts. Reduced price and free shipping, that’s a DISCOUNT! :-)

– Get the complete skin care kit and free shipping here:

If you do not follow our newsletter, please get on board! You get amazing guides and knowledge about skin problems, skin care and much more! And in relation to the subject of your question, at least you will not miss out on future discounts, deals and special offers, if I suddenly want to make wishes come true! ;-)

In fact, you also save a lot of money by purchasing our complete skin care series! It may sound strange … But in fact, my skin care series makes a lot of other skin care products redundant! Because you and your skin get all it needs. So you do not have to spend huge sums of money on boosters, skin tonics or eye cream. Just stick to my simple, gentle and effective skin care series! That’s is a HUGE discount! :-)

And you should tell it to your husband, because I do not think he’s interested in lots of excess skin care products, that cost a little fortune! With the Danish Skin Care products, you are saving time in front of the mirror, space in the bathroom and you can keep your hard earned money in your wallet! See, that’s something your husband will love to hear! Is it not? :-)

You do everything right and use a simple yet effective skin care routine. And it does not cost a fortune. So actually your husband should not complain! ;-)

In fact, we also provide free shipping if you indulge yourself with our skin care products for $155.00 and upwards. See, you even get more discounts!

You should also follow Danish Skin Care on Facebook and Instagram. There you can participate in our competitions and maybe you will be our next lucky winner! And our prices is my amazing skin care products! If you win, you get your hands on our products, without using any heard earned money! That is with I would call a CRAZY offer! ;-)

And that’s what you wanted, right?

– Remember to buy a complete skin care kit for your skin type, your skin will love it!

Here you get products that work and a simple, gentle and effective skin care series. And there is certainly nothing fake about that! And you avoid having to spend extra money on all sorts of unnecessary skin care products! :-)

– Get the complete skin care kit for your skin type:

Hope I have answered your question Cecilia! And it can calm your husband! In fact, you could easily spend much more money on skin care! But it wont give you a nicer skin.

You should stick to Danish Skin Care, your skin, boyfriend and your wallet will love you for it! :-)

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